The Respro® Bulletin Board is a place to keep you up to date with current views and issues about air pollution and its health implications.

Because good air quality is vital to our lives, we all need to be aware of the growing worldwide danger air pollution is posing to our health, especially in big cities.

Air pollution is much worse in our largest cities than most of us realise. More people die as a result of being exposed to bad air quality in an urban environment than in road accidents.

Respro® UK Ltd is a new product development company specialising in urban survival equipment. Established in 1993, Respro® is made up of a core of key people who are as important to Respro® as Respro® is to them.

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13 Responses to About

  1. Kevin Ku says:

    I have severe asthma and COPD. I am staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We experience bad haze annually here and i would like to get a mask here. Do you have any shops that sells here in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya?

    Which type of mask would best suit me?

    • Respro UK Ltd says:

      Hi Kevin

      We differentiate mask use primarily into two camps. The first camp being users who do not have a respiratory problem but want to minimize exposure to pollution and those who have a respiratory disorder and are looking for a solution that will assist them in minimizing the resultant physiological effects of exposure, in this case climbing dust.

      You fall into the second camp and we would only recommend the Respro® Allergy mask.

      I have provided a template below, please send us the following details to confirm your size:

      Mask User:

      Neck size:
      Head size:
      Eye to chin length:

      (most people know their height)
      (most people know their weight)
      Neck Size:
      Using piece of cotton or string, measure the circumference around the neck. use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the neck circumference. Easier still check your shirt size.
      Head size (AKA Hat Size):
      Using piece of cotton or string, measure the circumference around the head. use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the head or hat size circumference.
      Eye to Chin:
      Take a piece of string and place it between the eyes on the top of the nose bridge, run the string over the tip of your nose and down to just under the chin. This is the eye to chin length.


      Shipping is free anywhere on the planet
      You can order your products directly from our website and get free shipping anywhere in the world. We offer a fast, efficient. as It is Christmas here in the UK, our warehouse will be shipping all orders received during the Christmas period on the 28th December.

      I hope this is of assistance.

      Kind Regards
      Harrison – Team Respro® Customer services

  2. Les Connally says:

    You should write a blog post about the recent bicycle race in China, the “Tour of Beijing”. Google it. eg http://inrng.com/2012/10/beijing-smog-rider-safety/

  3. Linda Abeyta says:

    Thank you Harry. I tried to send you a pic of her wearing it. But it didn’t work. We are doing the allergy tests at the end of the month but her doctor thinks it is tree pollen. We got the Respro Sportsa. I do think it was too hot. But she was very nervous. Her legs were shaking because no one in Texas has worn a mask before and we had to have it oked by the UIL. There were thousands of people there and they were staring and asking her what the mask was for from the stands. She is very shy but I think she will get used to it and I just need to try the one you suggested. Thank you again Harry!! Linda

  4. Linda Abeyta says:

    My daughter ran in race in track today with her mask on because she has asthma in the spring. It was 95 degrees Faranheit and I am wondering if it might make her overheat. She came in last and she should have been at least second or third. I think she is not used to the mask but I am wondering about the mask making her overheat. Her asthma was much better. Last year she went to the hospital with her asthma after it.

    • Respro UK Ltd says:

      Hi Linda,

      What mask was your daughter wearing? what induces her asthma? For running we recommend the following configuration:


      The best configuration for running in hot climate would be the Respro® Allergy mask (air permeable mask cover shell) with a set of Powa valves. It would combine comfort, breathability and submicron particulate filtration with the most efficient valves for evacuating heat, water vapour and Carbon Dioxide at elevated breathing rates.
      The stock filter (as fitted) is a Hepatype filter, perfect for sub-micron particulates including Pollen.

      For filtering gases and vapors you would require the combination filter of the Chemical/Particle filter we supply separately.

      Galen Ruup, the second place man in the recent London Olympics 10,000m wears a mask as he’s very sensitive to allergies, so a mask, albeit a covering over the breathing system should not make for overheating in the body.

      I look forward to assisting your daughters needs.

      Kind regards
      Harry – Team Respro® Customer services – Technical.

  5. Anna says:

    Hi, where can you buy Respro masks in London?

    • Respro UK Ltd says:

      You can buy Respro® masks in any London bike shop. Try Evans Cycles or Cycle Surgery, have shops all around London.
      Or buy online from our website respro.com We offer free shipping to anywhere on the planet.

  6. ken chng says:

    i am from Singapore, a cyclist. Wanting to buy some units for me and pals. please advise where can we get from in Singapore. we also run a retail facility, would like to sell in our shops, please advise if possible.

  7. R says:

    I have not been able to determine whether the Respro masks are able to protect against the PM 2.5 particulate pollution in Beijing. How long can I expect filters and valves to last? If Respro masks will meet our needs, I’ll be ordering at least 6 with replacement filters.

    • Respro UK Ltd says:

      Hi R,

      The filters in the Techno Sportsta, Respro® Allergy and FB-1 masks all have a submicron filter which is well within the capability for filtering PM 2.5 dusts.

      I would strongly urge you consider ‘fit and use’ when purchasing a mask and suggest that you read “why wear a mask” article on our bulletin board and our blog on the Totobobo mask.

      The valves last forever so they do not need replacement and the filter lifespan is clearly dependent on use and levels of pollution in the air.


      The filter lifespan is based on the characteristics of the active urban cyclist.
      1. Half hour journey to work half hour back
      2. A breathing rate of 30 litres of air per minute
      3. Pollution levels where the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines recommend that the average citizen should wear some form of respiratory protection.
      On this basis we recommend that the filter be changed every 69 hours of use in the environment.

      As a rule of thumb mask sizing is as follows;

      5′ Heavy Build – 5’6′ Average Build = Medium
      5’6″ Heavy Build – 6′ Average Build = Large
      To be more accurate or for us to advise you on the correct size product, please send us the following details:

      Neck size:
      Hat size:

      If you call our distributor in Beijing, they have a retail outlet called Natooke based at the same address. They offer a great service and carry the right inventory, I am sure you will be satisfied with their service.

      Company Name: Ines (Beijing) Bike Limited
      Stock: Sportsta, Techno, City, Aero, Bandit masks and filters.
      Address: Wudaoying Hutong 19-1,
      Dongcheng District,
      100007 Beijing, P.R. China
      Telephone: +86 10 6405 6638
      Mobile +86 135 0108 8728
      Website: http://www.pollution-china.com
      Email: respro@pollution-china.com
      Map: http://g.co/maps/aj3c

      Kind regards

      Mairead – Team Respro® Customer Services

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