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Forest fires cause pollution worse than that in toxic cities, says NRSC study

NRSC found that such high-magnitude events had the potential to destroy a wide variety of flora and fauna as the levels of pollution become higher than those in some highly polluted cities.   As massive fires engulfed forests in Uttarakhand last … Continue reading

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Smoke from El Niño fires subdued dawn chorus in Singapore

In 2015 the El Niño drought brought severe fires to Indonesia’s forests and peatlands. The resulting air pollution spread across much of Southeast Asia. Now a study has linked the haze to changes in the dawn chorus some 300 km … Continue reading

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Large parts of India dotted with fires: Nasa images

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) images of the past ten days show large parts of India are dotted with fires, stretching across Uttar Pradesh (UP), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and even some southern states. In sweltering summer, these … Continue reading

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Bushfire Holsworthy: Smoky haze covers Sydney

SYDNEY residents with breathing difficulties are being warned to stay indoors as a thick haze blankets the city following backburning to contain a major blaze in Sydney’s southwest. SYDNEY is being blanketed by a smoky haze as firefighters continue to … Continue reading

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As fires spread in North, pollution levels spiral

Public cautioned to respect burning ban  Air pollution in northern Lampang and Phayao provinces escalated to hazardous levels yesterday as fires spread in the region. The PM10 level stood at between 81 and 104 microgrammes per cubic metre, up from … Continue reading

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Thomas Fire | Smoke impacts SLO County air quality

For the second day in a row, San Luis Obispo County residents have woken up to haze and an orange sun, as smoke from the Thomas Fire drifts this way. The air quality ranged from good to moderate throughout the … Continue reading

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Pollutant emitted by forest fire causes DNA damage and lung cell death

When exposed in a laboratory to pollution levels comparable to those found in the atmosphere of the Amazon region during the forest and crop burning season, human lung cells suffer severe DNA damage and stop dividing. After 72 hours of … Continue reading

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Link between forest fire smoke and pollution events discovered 

Smoke from forest fires might contribute to more than half of certain gritty air pollution events in the continental U.S. during the summer, and as much as 20 percent of those events throughout the year, according to new research at … Continue reading

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