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Air pollution impacts can be heart-stopping: Biggest study of dangerously small particulate matter and cardiac arrest

There is an increased risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) even from short-term exposure to low concentrations of fine particulate matter PM2.5, an international study has found, noting an association with gaseous pollutants such as those from coal burning/mining, bushfires … Continue reading

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Shipping air pollution causes 24,000 deaths a year in east Asia – study 

Ship traffic is often overlooked compared to smog-producing cars and factories, but it has more than doubled off east Asia since 2005 A boom in shipping is aggravating air pollution in China and other nations in east Asia, causing thousands … Continue reading

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INFOGRAPHIC: Pollution profile

China expects its carbon dioxide emissions to peak around 2030. At the same time, China will work to increase the non-fossil-fuel share of its energy use to 20 per cent by 2030 On November 12 last year, China and the … Continue reading

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World pollutionwatch: Slow progress on the exhaust front

Travel the world and you will see many of the same types of lorries, buses and cars on the roads but what comes from their exhaust can be very different. The US, Japan and Europe were the first to set … Continue reading

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Seoul mayor extends invitations to clear the air with Tokyo, Beijing

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is reaching out to his counterparts in Tokyo and Beijing to improve relations between the three countries by collaborating on the common problem of PM 2.5 air pollutants and bolstering exchanges. “Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul are … Continue reading

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Tokyo Air Pollution Climbs, Approaches Government Alert Levels

Central Tokyo air pollution readings neared levels that could require government alerts after thick smog blanketed parts of China for much of this week. The pollution is originating from both mainland China and Japan, Kansuke Sasaki, an air pollution analyst … Continue reading

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China’s air pollution could affect America’s West Coast

The New York Times reports that the air pollution, originating in China, can affect the air quality in Korea, Japan and even the United States. According to the new research quoted by the NYT, fin-particle pollutants from China have been … Continue reading

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China, Japan, South Korea to jointly combat air pollution

China, Japan and South Korea on Sunday agreed to jointly combat air pollution, a common challenge to East Asia, to boost sustainable development for greater ecological improvement. At the end of a two-day summit in Xianghe, a county about one … Continue reading

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