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2017 smog season packing a punch, with worst ozone levels since 2008

If our air seems terrible, well, it is. Smog season 2017 has arrived with a vengeance. So far this year, Southern California has endured 27 days with unhealthful levels of ozone, the hallmark pollutant of smog, making this spring the … Continue reading

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Smog becomes a political issue in South Korean election

A rare springtime election will send South Koreans to the polls early next month, but here in smog-bound Seoul they may be gasping all the way. Spring is notorious for its poor air quality here. The combination of smog and … Continue reading

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Air pollution may directly cause those year-round runny noses, according to a mouse study 

Although human population studies have linked air pollution to chronic inflammation of nasal and sinus tissues, direct biological and molecular evidence for cause and effect has been scant. Now, researchers report that experiments in mice continually exposed to dirty air … Continue reading

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Asian smog pollutes the United States, study finds 

Despite a decrease in US air pollution production, smog levels are still on the rise in the western part of the country, and now new research has found that an influx of impurities originating from Asia has been making its … Continue reading

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Team cracks mystery of London’s ‘killer fog’ 

In 1952, a killer fog containing pollutants covered London for five days, causing breathing problems and killing thousands of residents. The exact cause and nature of the fog has remained mostly unknown for decades, but scientists now believe the mystery … Continue reading

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Mexico City alarm bells ring over worst air pollution in a decade 

Mexico City’s government has advised people to stay indoors and restricted traffic due to air pollution. Ozone levels have been measured at nearly twice the acceptable limit, triggering the first alert in over a decade. Authorities said Monday that the … Continue reading

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Wildland fire emissions worse in polluted areas: Study shows biomass grown in areas of poor air quality releases more pollutants when burned than biomass grown in clean air 

When plant matter burns, it releases a complex mixture of gases and aerosols into the atmosphere. In forests subject to air pollution, these emissions may be more toxic than in areas of good air quality, according to a new study … Continue reading

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Drivers ‘exposed to highest levels of pollution’ 

What’s the best way to avoid air pollution travelling in a city? Walking, cycling or in a vehicle? It’s a question I put a few months ago when testing some mobile pollution monitors along the busy Brompton Road in London’s … Continue reading

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