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Researchers show how air pollution may cause chronic sinusitis

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a 12-week or longer condition during which the sinuses get infected or irritated, become swollen, are severely congested and secrete mucus into the throat. CRS also can cause facial pain, pressure and loss of smell, and … Continue reading

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Doctors, air pollution experts forecast worsening health effects of wildfire smoke

Advice for a five-day episode doesn’t work when you’re talking about an entire potential season Health experts warn that a shift in mindset and new solutions are needed as exposure to smoke from bigger wildfires becomes a regular occurrence. While … Continue reading

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Particles from Paints, Pesticides Have Deadly Impact

Air pollution triggered by use of common chemicals, fuels may kill 10 times more people than previously recognized Hundreds of thousands of people around the world die too soon every year because of exposure to air pollution caused by our … Continue reading

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Smoke Across North America

While plumes of wildfire smoke from western North America have passed over the northeastern U.S. and Canada multiple times each summer in recent years, they often go unnoticed. That is because smoke that spreads far from its source typically moves … Continue reading

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Cleaning your Respro® Mask and replacement of filters The filter material may be washed, but ordinarily we recommend ‘hand washing’.How to clean your Respro® Filter Respro® Mask Reviews Read the latest mask reviews in Women’s Health, The Independent, Runner’s World, … Continue reading

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New analysis reveals global distribution of toxic pollution and climate change: And provides top-ten list of countries at highest risk — and likely most equipped to immediately begin pollution risk reduction

A new analysis of global datasets shows low-income countries are significantly more likely to be impacted by both toxic pollution and climate change — and provides a list of at-risk countries most (and least) able to immediately begin direct efforts … Continue reading

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New York air quality among worst in world as haze from western wildfires shrouds city

Smoke from wildfires in the west caused hazy skies as air quality index surged to 157 in Manhattan, well above threshold of 100 New York City air quality was among the worst in the world as cities across the eastern … Continue reading

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‘Worst Ever’ Air Pollution Event Hits Wildfire-Plagued Siberia

A northern Siberian region plagued by unprecedented fires is experiencing one of the world’s “worst ever” air pollution events with the concentration of pollutants in the air far exceeding global standards, according to The Guardian. The republic of Sakha’s capital … Continue reading

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