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Hamburg prepares for diesel driving ban with signs warning motorists

The city of Hamburg this week put up signs on its streets warning motorists of diesel restricted zones – an indication to residents that they are taking the diesel driving bans seriously. Limited diesel driving bans were introduced for two … Continue reading

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Diverting diesel trucks spared lungs in Sao Paulo

The positive health outcomes of the intervention could guide the formulation of similar transport polices in other cities. In densely populated cities like Sao Paulo, many vehicles running on diesel such as commercial trucks, vans, and buses circulate right by … Continue reading

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Seoul to ban old diesels cars on air-polluted days

Old diesel cars will be banned from being driven in Seoul when heavy fine dust alerts are issued. The Seoul Metropolitan Government ordered that diesel vehicles, registered before Dec. 31, 2005, will be restricted in downtown Seoul from 6 a.m. … Continue reading

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Sweden gives green light for cities to ban old diesel cars

Sweden’s towns will soon be allowed to ban old diesel engines from their town centres in an effort to improve the environment and combat air pollution, the government announced on Friday. Sweden’s centre-left Social Democrat-Green coalition government did not impose … Continue reading

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Milan and Turin ban automobiles to fight smog and air air pollution

A pair of northern ‘s largest cities have introduced traffic restrictions in a bid to tackle  and smog. Bans on certain types of vehicle have been introduced temporarily in and , both of which have exceeded safe limits for pollution in recent … Continue reading

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Delhi Air Pollution: ‘Dust’ Screen Hiding Bigger Killers

Dust may be the most visible marker of Delhi’s air pollution, but its sheer abundance may actually be masking the bigger killers- emissions from vehicles, thermal power plants and industries. Studies and research reports have underlined that it’s the chemical … Continue reading

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Air pollution linked to nearly 400,000 premature deaths 

Bulgaria and Poland have the highest levels of premature deaths attributed to particulate pollution. Air quality in Europe is improving, but pollution is still killing a lot of people. Fine particulate matter pollution caused 399,000 premature deaths in EU countries … Continue reading

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Oxford aims to cut air pollution with car ban in zero emissions zone 

Oxford council will phase out polluting vehicles including taxis, cars and buses from city centre area in 2020 Polluting vehicles could be banned from Oxford city centre under plans to bring in what officials believe would be the world’s first zero emissions … Continue reading

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