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Simple measures can go a long way to combating air pollution in schools

Most UK primary schools experience levels of pollution which exceed the safe levels set out by the World Health Organization, yet simple measures can cut outdoor and indoor exposure of toxins by almost half, according to a new study from … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch: Air Pollution Killing Thousands in Bosnia

Watchdog organisation says Bosnia’s dependency on coal and wood for heat and electricity generation kills thousands of people each year. Human Rights Watch has again drawn attention to the problem of air pollution in Bosnian cities. “Nine per cent of … Continue reading

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Major cities blighted by nitrogen dioxide pollution, research finds

Shanghai, Moscow and Tehran have the highest levels of NO2 pollution, according to the research Cities in relatively prosperous countries are blighted by serious levels of air pollution from nitrogen dioxide, often without realising the extent of the problem, research has … Continue reading

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Wood heating pollutes the air in mountain areas more than previously assumed

Around 30 million people in Europe live in mountain valleys. A large part of this population is more affected by air pollution than previously assumed. This is the conclusion of a Slovenian-German research team from measurements in the Northern Dinaric … Continue reading

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Many Turkish cities hit air pollution limits, warns Greenpeace

Noting that many Turkish provinces have reached the “air pollution limits of 2022” in just four months, independent global environmental network Greenpeace said, “human lives could be in danger.” The organization highlighted that the duration for PM10 pollution should not … Continue reading

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Air pollution continues to threaten health of people in Southeast Europe

Air pollution continues to be a leading health concern in Southeast Europe, where PM2.5 concentrations are well above the World Health Organization (WHO) annual guideline value of 5 μg/m3. This is highlighted in the new report created by the Health … Continue reading

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EU citizens may sue countries for health-damaging dirty air, top court adviser says

Citizens in European Union countries may be able to sue their governments for financial compensation if illegal levels of air pollution damage their health, an adviser to Europe’s top court said on Thursday. The adviser’s opinion follows a string of … Continue reading

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Breathe clean air, not microplastics! Tyre wear – an underestimated source of air pollution that needs to be tackled

Plastic degradation in our environment is a global threat that affects our planet and our health. According to a new study published by Hull York Medical School (United Kingdom) in March 2022, for the first time, microplastic pollution has been … Continue reading

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