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Pollution in London from wood burning on the rise 

If there was one surprise from the recent very high pollution levels, it was the fact that according to King’s College some of the pollution was due to “unusually high levels of domestic wood burning”. This is not to underestimate … Continue reading

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Agricultural fires in Brazil harm infant health, a warning for the developing world

Pollution from the controlled fires that burn across Brazil’s São Paulo state during the sugarcane-harvesting season has a negative impact on infant health nearby. But the health of those same infants likely benefits from the economic opportunities the fires bring … Continue reading

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What does inversion mean for you health? 

It happens in Utah every year in the winter – inversion. Even though it only affects Utah a few months every year, what does this mean for your health? The Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment said it’s estimated that … Continue reading

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Air quality worsens in Greece as recession bites

World pollutionwatch The ban on diesel cars in Athens and Thessaloniki has been lifted and the price of heating oil has tripled. Hard-pressed Greeks have turned to burning logs – and other things Greece’s financial recession is leaving its footprint … Continue reading

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One in seven children suffer high air pollution: UNICEF

Almost one in seven children worldwide live in areas with high levels of outdoor air pollution, mostly in South Asia, and their growing bodies are most vulnerable to damage, the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF said on Monday. UNICEF called on … Continue reading

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Wildland fire emissions worse in polluted areas: Study shows biomass grown in areas of poor air quality releases more pollutants when burned than biomass grown in clean air 

When plant matter burns, it releases a complex mixture of gases and aerosols into the atmosphere. In forests subject to air pollution, these emissions may be more toxic than in areas of good air quality, according to a new study … Continue reading

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Log fires or traffic fumes: what’s the real cause of Bergen’s air pollution? 

A recent spate of bad air days caused the Norwegian city to introduce a controversial alternate-day car ban. Yet research shows the burning of logs in homes is a far bigger contributor to Bergen’s pollution problems The air quality in … Continue reading

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Experts warn of poor air quality in Valley

Though the availability of firewood for cooking in Kathmandu Valley may bring respite from the acute fuel crisis, it could contribute to deteriorating air quality in the Valley with onset of winter season this year, experts said. The government has … Continue reading

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