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Scientists Discover How Aerosols From Pollution, Desert Storms, and Forest Fires Can Intensify Thunderstorms

Researchers identify a mechanism by which small particles in the atmosphere can generate more frequent thunderstorms. Observations of Earth’s atmosphere show that thunderstorms are often stronger in the presence of high concentrations of aerosols — airborne particles too small to … Continue reading

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Potentially harmful aerosols concentrate in European urban centres

Atmospheric particles that increase levels of cellular oxidants when inhaled might be especially harmful. An analysis reveals which emissions should be limited to minimize the potential adverse health effects of such particles in Europe. The inhalation of outdoor airborne particles … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Scientists find ‘unambiguous evidence’ that Covid-19 can remain airborne

Following months of speculation and disagreement in the health community, a team of researchers has found that Covid-19 is airborne and that current social distancing guidelines could lead to more exposures and outbreaks. Confirmation of aerosol transmission, at distances of … Continue reading

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Air pollution in Korea worse than Japan and US

Korea has more air pollutants than Japan and the United States, according to a joint study by the National Institute of Environmental Korea and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States. The report said the amount … Continue reading

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