Respro® Mask Reviews

Review - Respro® Techno™ Mask
The best running masks 
by Runner's World, January 2023

"Respro’s masks are built for sports including running and cycling. Those who find ear-loops uncomfortable will really appreciate the design – instead of looping over the ears, it straps around the back of the neck."

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask, 
Respro® Techno™ Mask: 

7 Best Anti-Pollution Cycling Masks to Wear on Your Commute

by Women's Health, April 2021

Review - Respro® City™ Mask:

Un masque... pour éviter de respirer poussières, particules polluantes et pollens

by Version Fermina, October 2020

"On aime Le Respro® City. Ce masque souple, en Néoprène hypoallergénique, s’attache avec des Velcro. Et, avec ses deux valves pour évacuer l’humidité produite par la respiration, il est confor- table." 

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask:

Maskenalltag: Gewöhnt Euch dran und schützt Euch selbst 

by Sandra Schink, September 2020

"Immer wieder bin ich auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten “Profi-Maske” über die Respro-Masken aus Großbritannien gestolpert. Bereits seit 1993 wird sich hier mit Masken auseinandergesetzt, die gegen die Luftverschmutzung in den Städten und Pollen schützen sollen. Und auch gegen die Aerosole aus Spraydosen, die beim Sprühen von Graffitis freigesetzt werden."

Review - Respro® City™ Mask:

SHOPPING: Respro® City

by TRIMAX MAG, September 2020

"Les masques sont à la mode ! Avec
son filtre DACC, le masque City
™ a été spécialement développé
pour offrir une haute protection
contre l’inhalation de poussières
et d’odeurs nuisibles, associées
aux émissions d’échappement
des véhicules. Les deux soupapes
d’expiration Techno ™ permettent
à la chaleur indésirable, au dioxyde
de carbone et à la vapeur d’eau
de s’échapper, assurant ainsi le
confort et la fonction. Comme
les autres masques Respro®, il
a un design profilé assurant une
étanchéité confortable. Fabriqué
en néoprène."

Review - Respro® Cinqro™ Mask:

Face Masks Myths Debunked - Masks Stop You Breathing - Dr James Gill Sprints in 5 Different Masks

by Dr. James Gill, August 2020
Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask: 

The Best Bike Masks To Protect Against Pollution 

by Coach Mag, July 2020

"Respro® is one of the best-known bike mask brands and uses N99-rated filtering technology. The Ultralight has stretchy, mesh-like fabric that will stop your face from overheating, while the double-valve filter lets you breathe easily, even if it’s warm and you’re really exerting yourself on your bike. It uses Hepa Sport PM2.5 filters that are replaceable, and you can also buy specialised filters that keep out both allergens and bad smells."

Review - Respro® Techno Plus™ Mask:
Respro®️ Techno Plus Speed - Review of the best pollution mask and it's connection to Black History
by Crew NASA, USA, June 2020
“The Techno Plus is not only the best mask on the market (in my opinion) but it also is rooted in political activism from the heroics of Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympic Games, to the Black Panther - Assata Shakur.”

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask, Respro® Techno™ Mask:

The best anti-pollution cycling masks to wear when cycling in the city

by RUNNER'S WORLD, June 2020

"The mask is designed to filter particles smaller than one micron."

Review - Respro® Cinqro™ Mask, Respro® Ultralight™ Mask, Respro® Sportsta™ Mask:

Face masks could be a game changer to your physical exercise

by Aventurista, April 2020

"Respro® face masks are an investment that can be made now, but could last much longer than just quarantine."

Review - Respro® Sportsta™ Mask:

I’ve been wearing a mask since 2018. 
Here’s what I learned.

by Ghost Lux / Medium, April 2020

"The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted face masks into the mainstream consciousness. For the first time, many are confronting the same questions I faced about fashion, protection, and public space."
Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask, 
Respro® Techno™ Mask:

5 best anti-pollution masks for cycling that keep your commute cleaner

by Independent, January 2020

"The filters, which are designed to filter “sub-micron” particulates (those measuring smaller than one micron), were also able to cut out bad smells, something which was less noticeable with other masks we tried and which made traffic-clogged streets a little more pleasant."

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask: 

Best Cycling Masks 2020

by RECXL, 2020

"One of the largest companies that produce masks not just for every day life but also especially for the active people. They even have a mask for X-treme sports fanatics.

Their origins are from the UK, so you can be rest assured that they produce quality masks. 

The Ultralight mask is probably their best product for cyclists. They appear to allow honest reviews on their website, and it shows that many active sports people like it.

Ensuring fit is extremely important, and Respro permits you to return and exchange for a better size and fit. The ultra light looks pretty hard core, so when you wear it, your are sure to get some looks!"


Review - Respro® Cinqro™ Mask:


by Titanium Geek, August 2019

"I’ve used a couple of face masks in the past to try and protect myself when cycling to work. The Respro® Cinqro is the first one I’ve actually been able to get on with long term!"

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask:
Respro® Ultralight™: 
Best cycle mask for hot conditions

by expertReviews, July 2018

"Its mesh-like stretchy fabric keeps you cool when it’s hot and humid, and a double-valve filter makes it easy to breathe, even when you’re pedalling hard to get to the office on time."

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask: 
5 best anti-pollution masks for cycling:
INDY / BEST BUY: Respro® Ultralight™ Mask

by INDEPENDENT, September 2017

"Respro’s Ultralight mask uses a stretchy fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions, which made it comfortable to wear for the duration of our 40-minute commute."

Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask, 
Respro® Skins™ Mask:
Temples of the Holy City of Varanasi! 
Shiva & Kali worship, Buddha sermon 
at Sarnath, 
Respro® Ultralight™ mask review. 

by La Carmina, August 2017

"To make sure we were prepared for anything, Yukiro and I got original Respro® masks! Made in the United Kingdom, these masks are equipped with professional-grade technology to filter out pollution. (Plus, they have a cyber-Goth-Industrial look!)"

Review - Respro® Techno™ Mask:

by Bici Magazine, November 2016

"Differentemente da altre maschere, il filtro integrato nella Techno consente una facile respirazione grazie alla bassa resistenza all’inalazione, anche durante un’attività aerobica intensa."

technoReview - Respro® Techno™ Mask:
Máscaras anti polución: 
Combate la contaminación urbana

by Nosotras, November 2016

"La marca Respro es una de las mejores que hay en el mercado y de las más asequibles."

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 08.13.14
Review - Respro® Techno™ Mask:
Respro® Techno™ Anti-Pollution Mask Review 

by The Urban Prepper, April 2016
Review - Respro® City™ Mask,
Respro® Cinqro™ Mask:
Choosing an Air Pollution Mask for China

by David's Been Here, January 2016

"The mask I used (Respro City Mask) has a charcoal filter that is ideal for “regular” days in China. It all depends on fit, which is why I went with the Respro."

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 07.24.55Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask,
Respro® Cinqro™ Mask: 
Running in Haze

by Tropical Runner, May 2015

"The main difference between the two masks is that the Cinqro mask shell is made out of a thin neoprene fabric and the UltraLight shell is made of a lighter, stretchy, breathable mesh that should be more suitable to this hot climate."

Tropical Runner
Review - Respro® Ultralight™ Mask,
Respro® Cinqro™ Mask:

Respro® Track Test

by Tropical Runner, April 2015

The Respro® Cinqro™ Mask & Ultralight™ Mask, tested on a running track in hot and humid conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 13.40.59
Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Mask Is A Good Fit For City Cyclists 

by Cambridge News, January 2015

"Respro® masks have been used by cyclists, runners, couriers, allergy sufferers and the fire and rescue services for more than 20 years. The company is a technological pioneer and market leader in this field and continuously develops new products to protect people against air borne pollution."

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 13.23.55Review - Respro® Allergy™ Mask: 
Return Of The Smog  

by Natural Health Magazine, January 2015

"With London recently suffering serious smog problems that led to warnings for vulnerable people  to stay indoors, pollution mask firm Respro® has launched a line of ‘Skins™’ masks for the fashion conscious and announced an alliance with Allergy UK™."

Review - Respro® City™ Mask, 
Respro® Bandit Scarf™, Respro® Foggy™ Mask: 
Tested! Respro® Pollution masks… 
And they’re awesome! 

by Bikes Republic, January 2015

"We all love biking, but the one down part about urban motorcycling is the exposure to the elements. Pollution to be exact. We have all been behind a fume spewing bus or truck, or worse still, stuck behind either while waiting for a light to change. We have been there, we know. ..."

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 16.34.41Review - Respro® City™ Mask: 
Análisis de máscara Respro® City™ Mask

by Bike Zona, January 2015

"Una máscara especialmente diseñada para proporcionar a los ciclistas de City una filtración de amplio espectro contra la polución. Utiliza un paño dinámico de carbón activado para filtrar la peor de las poluciones urbanas.

Usa la máscara Respro® y olvídate de tragarte el humo del tráfico, de las fábricas o cualquier otro que moleste y además dañe tu salud."

Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Respro® Pollution Mask 

by Sloan! Magazine, December 2014

"Wearing a mask as a cycle commuter or a city runner will provide some protection to a user’s lungs and the new Respro® Skins™ range enables the wearer to match their style and complement their active wardrobe. ..."

skins factor magazine
Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Respro® Skins™  

by Factor Magazine, November 2014

"Respro® has recently added a splash of colour to the cycling mask market with their new line of Skins™.  ..."

Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Health and Fitness - 
Run and ride safely in London with Respro® 

by Heart London Magazine, October 2014

"In response to the ever-deteriorating air quality both here and world wide, Respro®has launched a new line of Skins™ pollution masks, the company’s most fashionable line to date.  The idea behind it is to introduce a style element for the wearer: instead of feeling alienated by wearing a mask, it becomes a fashion accessory with a statement. ..."

Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Boutique Pick Of The Week 

by Fashion Capital, August 2014

"We thought we would feature something a bit different as our Boutique Pick this week, with the increasing interest in cycling comes the growth of cycle-wear and accessories. ..."

Review - Respro® Nitesight™ Mask: 
Lightness Of Breath 

by CARBUYER, August 2014

"In 2012, we tested Respro®’s Sportsta™ breath mask previously in MotoBuyer, which featured proprietary filters that help commuters breathe easy in the city. Since then, the UK-based safety equipment company has improved its line-up and begun to offer more products.

New features in Respro®’s product line-up including the availability of more sizes, as well as the announcement of a new, more fashionable line-up of masks (dubbed ‘Skins’) although these are not on sale just yet.

The reasons for wearing a breath mask in Singapore are mounting: diesel fumes, huge swathes of burning forest and claustrophobic tunnels with bad ventilation (see box). The benefits of wearing one are beginning to far outweigh the drawbacks.  ..."

Marcelo Burlon
Review - Respro® Skins™ Mask: 
Respro® Skins™ Pollution Masks

by Techwearist, July 2014

"Last month I read an article about how to combat air pollution and I stumbled upon a pretty cool company called Respro®. Established in 1993, Respro® has been making products for the urban sports environment. One of those products they make are pollution masks. They have a whole range of options and each of them are customized to better suit your environment. ..."

Review - Respro® Sportsta™ Mask:
How dangerous is our air 

by Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine, March 2014

"Breathing this polluted air is highly correlated with an overall increased risk of death, and researchers in Canada found that people chronically exposed to pollutants are 20% more likely to die from lung cancer than those who breathe clean air—the same odds you face if you live with a smoker. Thankfully, your lungs have the capacity to filter an occasional dose of toxicity. But for Salt Lake Valley athletes, when is the air too polluted to exercise in? [...]"

Review - Respro® Cinqro™ Mask: 
Primavera e allergie!

by United Runners, March 2014

"La Primavera è la stagione che preferisco per correre perché la temperatura si fa più mite e gli scenari che si creano sono davvero pittoreschi: intorno a noi un’energia ci travolge, le rondini fanno il loro ritorno e ci accompagnano nella corsa, gli odori ci riportano a momenti meravigliosi ma purtroppo ricordano anche a quelli che sono allergici al polline, che tutto ciò che hanno intorno potrebbe avere aspetti assai negativi…"

Review - Respro® Techno™ Mask, 
Respro® Allergy™ Mask:
Respro® Techno™ Mask and Allergy™ Mask

by VOLT, November 2013

The consumer programme VOLT by Belgian TV channel één have tested the Respro® Techno™ Mask and the Respro® Allergy™ Mask.

"Good news for the many who bike or exercise in the city. There is a mask on the market that protects you against the harmful effects of particulate matter. With the Respro mask on, all you breathe is clean air, even when you jog or cycle through Wetstraat in the centre of Antwerp. Kobe is giving it a try in a new Volt product test."

Review - Respro® Sportsta™ Mask:
Respro® Sportsta™ Mask Review 

by webBikeWorld, July 2013

"Riders who commute regularly in urban environments with lots of congestion and/or air pollution have to take extra steps to protect their long-term health.

UK company Respro® makes masks to help you breathe a little easier."

Review - Respro® Cinqro™ Mask: 
The Respro® Breathe Easy Solution

by Fitness Blogger UK, August 2012

"While the Olympics Delivery Authority has made a commitment to holding the greenest Olympics ever, the BBC reported in April 2012 that air pollution in London is still the highest in Europe and more than twice the World Health Organisation limits. In addition, on the eve of the opening of the London Olympic Games the UK Government has issued an “air pollution alert”."

Techno mask
Review - Respro® Techno™ Mask:
The Respro® Techno™ Mask

by Previous Magazine, 2 October 2011

So what is this Respro® Techno™ Mask you speak of?

"Pollution is becoming more and more of a prevalent problem in the world, especially in the UK with the growing populace and trend of owning several cars per family. The Respro® Techno™ mask is an anti-pollution mask designed for cycling, jogging or walking in an urban environment. It filters out nasty pollutants that cause discomfort and also leave you feeling more out of breath than you would in clean air."

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