This is Respro’s new polymer seal, the PRO-SEAL®. It provides an even better seal to your Respro® mask.

The PRO-SEAL® can be retrospectively fitted in any Respro® sports mask no matter when you bought it, last week or 23 years ago.

This is not a mask: Our masks just got better.

The PRO-SEAL® is not a mask. It requires a mask shell, filter and valves to complete your Respro® mask. Make sure the mask shell, filter and PRO-SEAL® are all the same size. All mask components are available from the accessory page.

See how to fit PRO-SEAL® into your Respro® mask:
Watch a YouTube tutorial about PRO-SEAL®
Available sizes: Medium, Large and XL
Colours: Black or White
Price: £19.99

For more information, please go to our website: