Respro® Masks FAQ: Can I Wash The Filter?

FILTER IN MASKThe filter material may be washed, but ordinarily we recommend ‘hand washing’. Machine washing can be somewhat vigorous which can abraid the material by being washed with other garments. Some washing powders also contain fragrance additives which the filter will certainly pick up.

The best procedure now would be to follow our washing guide and hopefully your filter will still be useable.


To ensure good hygiene/care measures we suggest that you place the filter and valves in a pan of freshly boiled water (remove pan from heat source before putting filter in) and let it cool down. Remove the filter unit from the water and allow to stand dry.
This procedure will remove facial oils that may build up over a period of continuous use and will also remove some of the particulates and organic vapour that will be present within the Charcoal structure of the filter or tissue salt build in the valves.

If the mask cover requires washing this should be done by carefully removing the filter assembly and then washing the outer casing in warm soapy water and then left to dry naturally (not forced by means of heaters and driers).

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Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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4 Responses to Respro® Masks FAQ: Can I Wash The Filter?

  1. kh says:

    Been using Techno Respro kit for 6yrs. Filters are expensive, so glad that they are somewhat cleanable. I disassembled a Techno Gold Filter to see its layers. No paper, so washing in water only should be ok. Actually … duh…it being ok with water: how much moisture in exhale!!

  2. jules ang says:

    hi, i have the cinqro mask and i was wondering if you guys could provide details on how the cleaning procedure described above affects the filter and the valves, seeing that the valves are seemingly made of plastic and the filter seemingly looks fragile. can you guys guarantee that if we put the shell and dacc filter in freshly boiled water they will not get damaged?

    • Hi

      Wear and tear comes from use not the washing procedure. The temperature will not damage the filter or the valves.

      Q – How often should I change the filter.

      The filter lifespan is based on the characteristics of the active urban cyclist.

      1. Half hour journey to work half hour back

      2. A breathing rate of 30 litres of air per minute

      3. Pollution levels where the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines recommend that the average citizen should wear some form of respiratory protection.

      On this basis we recommend that the filter be changed every 69 hours of use in the environment.


      I hope this is of further assistance.

      Kind regards
      Team Respro® Customer services

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