Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Like with the case of dustmites, it is the ‘sealing’ from the modernisation process that has contributed to the increase in the levels of chemical residues originating from cookers, cleaning agents, airfeshners, fabric conditioners and cigarette smoke.

Couple this with the chemicals from man made materials and poor ventilation and it can be understood why cases of asthma have doubled in the last ten years.

This increase in concentrations of chemical residues has had a knock on effect on the body’s immune system. The body’s system has become sensitized to normally harmless products, resulting in a range of disorders from asthma and other respiratory disorders, to skin irritation, nausea, coughing and headaches.

What can you do? – Where possible the best precaution is to avoid these situations or use of chemical agents. In practice this may be very difficult to do. An alternative to the above, if unavoidable, is to wear the Respro® Allergy™mask which can effectively filter out these particulates and chemicals. (The Respro® Allergy™mask is only fitted with a particulate filter as standard)

The British Allergy Foundation suggest along with other measures, that face masks (like those worn by cyclists) are effective for trapping spores before they are breathed in.

For more information, click on our mask e-catalogue .

For more information: Respro® Allergy™ Mask

8 Responses to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

  1. Kiara says:

    My husband had mcs and hi is in stage 3. He cant go outside without a mask. We are looking for a new mask that no have any smells like new because he react to the smell like new. He buy a mask with filter and no works for him because the mask smell like new. Smell like a new car tire😒. I wash the mask with vinager and baking soda and its better the smell but smell a little bit is frustated. What do you recomment me

  2. Heather says:

    Hello. I recently discovered that I now get anaphylactic reactions to some scented products and sprays. I understand that the reaction is more to do with the chemical components in some products. I have read entry started using the Techno mask and it is very effective so far as I can tell. However I do a lot of cardio at the local gym and find it very hot and the neoprene gets gross after a while (I also have a latex allergy I need to avoid). Would the allergy mask be a better solution and which filter would I need?

  3. Kathy says:

    Do these mask have a charcoal filter? I have MCS really bad. When out in public I can smell deodorant, perfumes and laundry detergent on people that inflame my airways bad. Will your mask cut down or stop the smells? I know the chemicals can not get into them but how about the smells?

    • Hi Kathy,

      We differentiate mask use into two camps. The first camp being users who do not have a respiratory problem but want to minimize exposure to pollution and those who have a respiratory disorder and are looking for a solution that will assist them in minimizing the resultant physiological effects of exposure, in your case to various chemicals and particulates both inside and outside in the environment. You fall into the second camp and we would recommend the Respro® Allergy mask with a chemical/particle ‘combination’ filter (available as a combo here The mask comes complete and ready to use. the Allergy mask is not made from neoprene and is air permeable for easy of use and comfort.

      You can use the Chemical particle filter with the Allergy mask.

      The mask as standard comes fitted with a particle filter.

      If you need any additional info or help I’m here.
      Best regards
      Harrison | Respro® UK Customer services

  4. Cynthia Viands says:

    Do u have a catalog

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