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EU auditors to assess anti-pollution efforts by testing Brussels air 

The European Court of Auditors is to embark on a comprehensive review of the European Union’s efforts to curb air pollution, the main environmental cause of premature deaths in the EU, the court said on Thursday (21 September). The Luxembourg-based Court will … Continue reading

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More Than 16 Mln Russians Are Breathing Polluted Air

More than 16 million residents of Russia’s largest cities are breathing polluted air, an annual Natural Resources and Environment Ministry report cited by the Kommersant daily on Thursday suggests. Russia’s fledgling post-Soviet environmental protection movement has been hampered in recent years by … Continue reading

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Timaru to clear the air: Council brings in burner ban 

A plan to tackle air pollution in Canterbury has been approved by the regional council, but councillors say it will not be fining people straight away. It includes a ban on log burners more than 15 years old in Timaru. … Continue reading

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Air pollution: A threat to your heart and longevity? 

New research links “safe” levels of air pollution to premature death. Every day, you inhale thousands of gallons of air — mostly nitrogen, oxygen, and a smattering of other gases. But that air also contains tiny particles spewed from power … Continue reading

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Korea has worst air of advanced economies, report shows

Korea has the worst air quality of any advanced country, with its fine dust level soaring over the past 17 years, according to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report released Sunday. The report shows Korea had the … Continue reading

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5,000 deaths annually from dieselgate in Europe 

Excess emissions from diesel cars cause about 5,000 premature deaths annually across Europe, a new study shows. Since the late 1990s the share of diesel cars in the EU has risen to around 50% in the fleet, with important variations … Continue reading

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North China moves to fight winter air pollution 

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have rolled out measures to fight air pollution as the most heavily polluted season, winter, is coming. The port city of Tianjin will restrict production in heavily polluting industries, including steel, casting, construction materials and coking, … Continue reading

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Dodgy diesel emissions kill 5000 a year in Europe

The test-dodging tricks of some diesel car manufacturers result in extra pollution that is responsible for around 5000 premature deaths a year, according to a new study. About 5000 people across Europe die prematurely every year because of discrepancies between … Continue reading

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