How to fit a Respro® Mask

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  1. Troy Coleman says:

    I bought a mask from your company, but it doesn’t really fit people who wear glasses. How can this be adjusted? The mask makes the glasses sit up on my face because of the nose piece. I have the sportsa model.

    • Hi

      Q – I wear glasses how will this affect the wearing of a mask?

      When using a mask with glasses it is best to fit the mask first to get the correct fit with no seal leakage, then place the glasses in front of the nose clip on the mask. Having adjustable nose pads facilitates a better fit the plastic moulded rims. It really is dependent on the rims of the glasses and how well they can be fitted in conjunction with a mask. In our experience most glasses wearers manage to figure a way of fitting glasses with a mask without them getting misted up.

      Best regards
      Harrison | Respro® UK Customer services

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