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Air pollution fourth biggest threat to health

The number of people exposed to high particle pollution will be halved by 2025 if government plans are realised. There will be an attempt to curb smoke from solid fuel fires and wood-burners; pollution from diesel machinery will be reduced. … Continue reading

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Farms in the U.S. Contain Chemical-Filled Soil Responsible for a Shocking Amount of Air Pollution

Air pollution was responsible for one in eight deaths across the world in 2012. But most likely associate this smoggy mess with smokestacks, cars spitting out black smoke, or massive cities. There is, however, an unlikely source of pollution coming … Continue reading

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Delhi Air Pollution: ‘Dust’ Screen Hiding Bigger Killers

Dust may be the most visible marker of Delhi’s air pollution, but its sheer abundance may actually be masking the bigger killers- emissions from vehicles, thermal power plants and industries. Studies and research reports have underlined that it’s the chemical … Continue reading

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5,000 deaths annually from dieselgate in Europe 

Excess emissions from diesel cars cause about 5,000 premature deaths annually across Europe, a new study shows. Since the late 1990s the share of diesel cars in the EU has risen to around 50% in the fleet, with important variations … Continue reading

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Don’t be ‘silent assassins’ drivers urged 

Ten times as many people are killed by fumes in the air than road traffic accidents; now a new campaign is aiming to improve Scotland’s air quality. In Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, levels of toxic chemicals in the air are … Continue reading

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Munich to ban diesel vehicles from city following court order

Munich has announced it will implement a ban on diesel vehicles, in its ongoing attempt to combat illegal air pollution. The mayor of the German city, who made the announcement, said he saw “no other way” to resolve the issue … Continue reading

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Latest diesel car models remain highly polluting, tests show 

Six new vehicles including Land Rover and Suzuki are adding to air pollution crisis, despite stricter rules coming in months The latest diesel car models are failing to meet pollution limits when on the road, just three months ahead of … Continue reading

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35 million dirty #Diesels are driving on Europe’s roads today, new research finds 

More than one-and-a-half years after the dieselgate scandal erupted the number of dirty diesels poisoning the air Europeans breathe keeps growing. New T&E research shows that there are 35 million of these diesel cars and vans driving on Europe’s roads today, six million … Continue reading

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