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Brazilian city’s pollution spreads to untouched Amazon rainforest

Pollution from Manaus is affecting pristine areas of the Amazon rainforest Particles interfere with cloud formation causing changes in rainfall patterns in the region The same could be happening in areas of Africa and South-East Asia The pollution plume produced … Continue reading

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Diverting diesel trucks spared lungs in Sao Paulo

The positive health outcomes of the intervention could guide the formulation of similar transport polices in other cities. In densely populated cities like Sao Paulo, many vehicles running on diesel such as commercial trucks, vans, and buses circulate right by … Continue reading

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Pollutant emitted by forest fire causes DNA damage and lung cell death

When exposed in a laboratory to pollution levels comparable to those found in the atmosphere of the Amazon region during the forest and crop burning season, human lung cells suffer severe DNA damage and stop dividing. After 72 hours of … Continue reading

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Agricultural fires in Brazil harm infant health, a warning for the developing world

Pollution from the controlled fires that burn across Brazil’s São Paulo state during the sugarcane-harvesting season has a negative impact on infant health nearby. But the health of those same infants likely benefits from the economic opportunities the fires bring … Continue reading

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NASA’s Satellite Photos Of Rio Show Something Troubling In The Air 

Rio’s Olympic Games are in full force as 10,000 athletes from around the world traveled to the Brazilian city last week to compete, and the games are certainly off to a strong start for some. However, just days before the … Continue reading

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Rio 2016 Olympics will have the worst polluted air after the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics might be able to avoid swallowing Guanabara Bay’s fetid water, as they have been advised. But there’s no getting around the city’s dirty air. An air analysis by Reuters and Brazilian researchers from … Continue reading

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How are cities around the world tackling air pollution? 

More cycling, better public transport and car bans – cities from Delhi to Zurich are using a range of initiatives to lower traffic pollution and improve health Paris Paris bans cars in many historic central districts at weekends, imposes odd-even … Continue reading

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Air pollution: a dark cloud of filth poisons the world’s cities 

The number of annual deaths caused by pollution around the world is now greater than malaria and HIV combined, according to a recent study, with scientists warning that fatalities could reach 6 million a year by 2050 During these cold … Continue reading

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