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The Amazon Has Seen More Than 100,000 Fires This Year, Causing Spike in Air Pollution

The fires burning throughout the Amazon rainforest and the rest of Brazil are billowing all types of air pollutants into the atmosphere, new satellite images from the European Space Agency (ESA) show. The agency released the images Monday, reminding the … Continue reading

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NASA detects huge carbon monoxide plume from Amazon rainforests

Carbon monoxide is a pollutant that can persist in the atmosphere for about a month and has implications for both air pollution and climate change NASA has detected a giant plume of carbon monoxide from fires in the Amazon rainforest. … Continue reading

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Amazon fires generate smoke cloud almost as big as devastating Siberia blaze

While fires in Siberia have created a cloud of smoke larger than the European Union, on the other side of the world, forest blazes in the Amazon are causing a phenomenon of almost the same magnitude. Santiago Gassó, a researcher … Continue reading

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Study: climate change will worsen air pollution

By the end of the century, more than half of the world’s population could be exposed to “stagnant atmospheric conditions”, which would keep pollutants low in the air, worsening the effects of pollution, according to a new study. Scientists predicted … Continue reading

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