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What you have been saying about your Respro® Mask…

I would really like to thank you for making it possible to do sports with your excellent products despite corona and pollen allergy. My girlfriend and I use your masks for running and racing bike and there is really no big difference in breathing if you wear a mask or not.

Without your products some sports in corona and allergy times would not be possible.” – AndreasCinqro™ Mask

“Wearing my Respro Techno Plus non-stop for the best part of a year now, this sanitizer has become an essential part of my go-bag. I spritz the filter and inside the mask at the end of each day. It must be doing its job because I’ve not had even one breakout. This compared to mask-clad friends who bemoan their own cases of mask-acne. Hmmm…come to think of it, this would’ve made the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas 2020. Shame, I missed that boat.” – K, UKTechno Plus™ Mask & Respro® Sanitiser

“I have been using a Respro mask, whilst jogging, for about 30 years. It warms the fresh morning air, reduces vehicle particulates entering my lungs and now acts as a breath restrictor, which has helped to increase my lung capacity.  I e would highly recommend using Respro masks whilst exercising!” – Dean, UK

“I have been using it (Ultralight Mask) for over a year now. I never run without it, even when I see that pollution levels are low, I still put it on (cause it also helps greatly against dust, and when it’s cold outside it also prevents breathing in the worst cold which is nice). From the day I started using it I haven’t had any of the coughing or nausea anymore. Because of the mask I can now train much longer. “Pre-mask” I could manage 8km with great difficulty. Now I run half marathons without a single cough.” Jasper, Madrid, SpainUltralight™ Mask

“I am a trail runner in Phoenix, AZ, USA and suffer from asthma and allergies. I’m also a back of the pack-er so I literally eat everyone’s dust. This mask has been a lifesaver, my lungs don’t burn when I’m done and don’t wheeze as much. I have run in this mask when it’s over 100 deg F out (38 C), and yes, it is hot, but it’s not as hot as a buff or a bandanna. Highly recommend this for anyone running or hiking out on the trails”  Megan, Arizona, USA

“The Ultralight and the Allergy worked ok for my MCS. I didn’t have any issues with smells, but the air flow really increases with the Pro-Seal, and it feels cooler. That’s a surprise! Thanks for making it better. I just wish it were more affordable for more people.” Allergy™ MaskUltralight™ Mask with Pro-Seal®

I recently moved to Thailand where it is usually hot and humid.  There are also a lot of pick-ups that visibly chuck out clouds of soot. How about the stuff that is not visible?  I have used the Ultralight Mask for rides of over 2 hours at 30 degrees C and although it was obviously there it was not a  hindrance.

My nose is larger than normal so the size  that I ordered did not fit well. Very kindly the guys at Respro sent me an XL which I received today.  On a ride of 2 hours, with the additional Pro-Seal, it was genuinely comfortable and had no indication of leakage.

This may seem expensive but I think it is tremendous value.  Well designed and made it boosts one’s confidence to go much further in the knowledge that most of that muck is not getting into the lungs.  After all, the point of cycling is to get fit.” Mark, Thailand – Ultralight™ Mask with Pro-Seal®

“I’m using this mask since May this year and its great product. I’ve switched from Nightsight for summer. This model is really suitable for warmer seasons, breathing is easier due to POWA valves and the design is awesome. I have black version and everyone compares me to ninja warrior *^___^* I recommend this model and all Respro products to my friends now as in Cracow the air is really bad. Today thanks to this mask I was able to enjoy morning run even with heavy smog!” Ilszy, Kraków, Poland – Ultralight™ Mask

” The Respro® Techno™ works great! i get a little rubbing from the filter on my nose but otherwise the size large was what worked best. i have a pretty solid fit, it took me about 2 days of fidgeting to get the bridge of the nose to fit right, when i’m wearing the mask i’m not feeling the symptoms of my severe allergies. i even got brave yesterday and left my inhaler behind. it’s even been helpful around my workbench. it’ does feel a little bit like an elevation training mask in that im getting only about 75% of the airflow id get without a mask but that’s just fine, gotta take it slow. (i think im actually loosing a lot of weight from having to work a little harder) thanks Respro! you have saved my life! my quality of life has gone from being stuck in a little room with an air purifier to being able to actually get a part of my life back. on a scale of 1-10 ten being the best i definitely would rate 8.5 – 9. its not perfect but it is a life saver” Juno, USATechno™ Mask

“I can truly say that Respro® Ultralight™ is responsible for extending my life. I received a double lung transplant 2 years ago, being very susceptible to environmental hazards and was having multiple rejections and fungal infections. I had difficulty wearing masks, I could not breath out of a single valve and wearing hospital masks gave people the impression I was sick (plus useless). Since using the Respro® mask I am 9 months without rejection or infection. I own 2 Ultralight™ masks and while wearing I can forget I even have it on. THANK YOU RESPRO for saving me physically and mentally.” Grant, USA – Ultralight™ Mask

‏”Just had a great customer experience with your ordering team. Kudos on being responsive, and thanks for your great Ultralight masks which make riding in polluted cities bearable!” Jørgen, Melbourne, Australia – Ultralight™ Mask

“I am a trail runner in Phoenix, AZ, USA and suffer from asthma and allergies. I’m also a back of the pack-er so I literally eat everyone’s dust. This mask has been a lifesaver, my lungs don’t burn when I’m done and don’t wheeze as much. I have run in this mask when it’s over 100 deg F out (38 C), and yes, it is hot, but it’s not as hot as a buff or a bandanna.  Highly recommend this for anyone running or hiking out on the trails.” Megan, Phoenix, Arizona, USA  Ultralight™ Mask

Hi Respro, I just want to Thank you guys for the awesome job you’re doing. I live in Krakow (Cracow), Poland. We have a huge smog problem. Without your mask I wouldn’t be able to survive my daily commute. Also Thanks to the Techno I don’t have the coughing problem anymore. THX!” Lukasz, Kraków, PolandTechno™ Mask

Air Pollution: In the USA – In Sebring & Avon Park Florida during the months of December to May (only). The oranges are ripe and falling on the ground while orange skins rot and give off that gas that causes eczema in some people’s lungs. There is also a heavy mold concentration due to rotting oranges airborne. Then there are many trucks coming in from other states, to pick up all these oranges taking them to market, so there is diesel exhausts that cause eczema in the lungs. I love your charcoal cloth, it traps diesel exhaust and orange skin gases and blocks the mold from going into my lungs.

You will have other women customers soon (and 2 men with respiratory allergies) because they loved my pretty blue bandit respirator and asked for your website to buy scarves. The use of your scarf is growing during the Orange Season (December thru May). (Some people’s lungs are so burned here they are on oxygen tanks.) Thanks for making a great air filtering bandit mask. : )” Elizabeth, Florida, USA Bandit™ Scarf

I’m using this mask [Ultralight™] since May this year and its great product. I’ve switched from Nightsight for summer. This model is really suitable for warmer seasons, breathing is easier due to POWA valves and the design is awesome. I have black version and everyone compares me to ninja warrior *^___^* I recommend this model and all Respro products to my friends now as in Cracow the air is really bad. Today thanks to this mask I was able to enjoy morning run even with heavy smog!” wm, Kraków, PolandUltralight™ Mask

Just bought another mask from you – I really notice the difference wearing one of these cycling to work! Great product. Laurence – Cinqro™ Mask

“Yesterday my Respro® Cinqro™ mask arrived. Today I tried it, I’m very satisfied. It’s just not so easy with glasses but I really like the fact it’s made in England, keep doing it that way!” Anatole, Belgium – Cinqro™ Mask

The head strap arrived in the post possibly yesterday or today, I took it out for its maiden run tonight and it works a treat. The clips are really well designed for the job and although the elastic is too long that’s easily sorted with a knot (I may well get my needle and thread out at a later date to make it a little neater looking).Once again, thank you for your swift and above expected response to my problem, I have already started recommending Respro on the quality of the customer service.” Ami Mask Strap

I purchased the Techno and commute over 70 miles a day on a motorcycle. I didn’t know it at first but the heavy traffic pollution began to make me nauseated and very weak and once I figured out what was going on I found your mask on line and purchased the Techno and haven’t had a problem since. Many people ask me about it and how it works …” Steve, California, USATechno™ Mask

Even though my allergies are quite severe in spring and early summer, I’ve always just dealt with it because I didn’t want to use an antihistamine. Whenever I’m outside riding my bike, walking my dog or doing anything most people take for granted, I was miserable with my nose, throat and lungs being consistently irritated. Sneezing, coughing up all sorts of nastiness and not having a very good time. I ordered the Ultralight with an extra set of allergy filters. The default powa valves filter every irritant perfectly. When I put on this mask I can walk through flower-filled fields and breathe perfectly. My eyes still burn like hell but that’s an easier burden to bear. Highly, highly recommended product! I wrote this review on my own volition simply because I wanted to share my experience.” JacobUltralight™ Mask

“I am a severe hay fever sufferer. I have been using the particle filter with the allergy mask for a number of years now. I use the mask while travelling on my motorcycle and usually feel better when I am at the end of my journey than I was at the beginning. When the pollen levels get really high I wear the mask most of the time. It makes a very positive and easily discernible difference. I unreservedly recommend it to anyone suffering with pollen or pet allergy. I recommend it especially if you use a motorcycle or bicycle. Just keep the mask away from Velcro. In my opinion this filter should be subsidised by the NHS. Thanks Respro!” Rob, UKAllergy™ Mask

“I ordered this mask before the massive inversion hit us here in Salt Lake City. UT. We constantly get some of the worst air in the country, and sometimes the world on the extremely bad days. You can google ‘Utah bad air’ and you will see what I’m talking about.  I ordered the Techno mask, and it’s absolutely amazing. I can walk around outside and not smell or taste any of the pollution stricken air. It’s a life saver.  My wife just ordered one too!” Erik – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – Techno™ Mask

“Thank you so much for offering the masks in XL. I recently received my new Respro® Allergy™ Mask which fits SO much better than my old Allergy™ and City™ masks in the Large size. I was really impressed with how quickly it got here (I’m in the middle of Ontario, Canada). I’ve relied on these masks to keep me going for over a decade since my chemical allergy nearly killed me 1997. When I discovered these it changed the game completely. Thank you for continuing to expand and improve the product line and provide chemical and particulate filters that are not only highly effective, but also comfortable and stylish.” Greg – Ontario, Canada – Allergy™ Mask

“Just bought the mask other day… Best mask I’ve ever used very well made!” Chris – City™ Mask

“The Respro® Foggy™ breath deflector helmet insert is the best $25 I have spent in a long time. My glasses no longer fog up inside my full face motorcycle helmet. Thanks for making this awesome product.” Jason, New York, USAFoggy™ Mask

“Thank you so much for your latex free allergy masks and the chemical filters! I started using an allergy mask a couple of months ago and it is truly an answer to years of prayer!!! I can now attend church and other public places without reacting to all of the fragrances and chemicals around me. I am so thankful to God for this and for finding your allergy masks. I have already had 2 people ask me about it and how to get one! I am so happy to be able to tell them! Thank you!” Courtney, USA – Allergy™ Mask

“A huge thank you to Respro® Masks! My first day biking to work with you and I already realise you’re the perfect solution to my problem. I have severe asthma, my Respro® mask will allow me to keep on biking, even with smog or with cold temperatures.” Sabine Allergy™ Mask

“The FB-1 mask with the chemical/particle filter is literally a lifesaver.  I work in a boiler shop as a code welder and have for 38 years.  The continual exposure to toxic welding gases has impacted my health and the quality of my lungs.  Thanks to your masks and filters I not only am able to continue full time employment but have also preserved my health.  It was my doctor who originally gave me a catalog with your products and told me it would be the difference between a full life or an early retirement due to decreasing health.  Thank you for a wonderful product and I am living proof of the effectiveness of it’s protective qualities.” Larry – FB-1 Mask

“I suffer from brittle asthma and some severe allergies. These can result in my being admitted to hospital, often in itu  for varying lengths of stays. Since l have been using respro masks life has been much easier. I still do not know what all the triggers are but l am allergic to perfumes, deodorants, many chemicals such as cleaning products, air fresheners, flowers, vegetable smells laundry products, exhaust fumes etc. This year, l have managed to stay out of hospital since February, so needless to say l am delighted.

Wearing a mask as soon as l go out of my house is a small price to pay especially as the pollen count has been so high this year. My grandchildren think that l look like a puffin but l like puffins.

Thank you Respro for devising such a helpful piece of equipment.” Joy, UK – Allergy™ Mask

“Just got the Sportsta mask. Learning how to push past my bronchitis and asthma problems so I can continue to do something I love to do. Thanks Respro!” Janette, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Sportsta™ Mask

“The mask is awesome. Just the motivation for Me to start cycling again. My asthma has been keeping me from any exercise. I feel great starting back with this great new Respro mask. Happy Respro owner.” Steve, Chino, CA, USACinqro™ Mask

“The Sportsta mask is amazing! It is comfortable, easy to use, and keeps all the tiny micron particles out.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone living in SLC.” Lynn, SLC, Utah, USASportsta™ Mask

“Thank you so much for making this fantastic mask! It arrived safely last week, and I have  been using it since, 9 kilometers to and from work each day by a heavy polluted route in Umeå, Sweden.” Johan, Umeå, SwedenTechno™ Mask

“The AQI at the time, according to the US Embassy’s site, was 319. In my area the Chinese monitoring site (located very close to my home) said 258. […] First, I wore my Respro mask with a brand new Techno filter. I walked briskly for five minutes. After the five minutes my pulse was 118 and my blood oxygen level 98%. […] For me, anyway, the Respro is making a noticeable difference.” Miriam, BeijingTechno™ Mask

“Wanting to share a photo of my new allergy chemical mask in case anyone else is having a hard time finding one that works: It’s from Respro.com. Instead of uncomfortable bands behind the ears, it has a nice wide velcro strap that goes around the back of your neck. I bought extra charcoal filters as the mask comes with a filter for only dust, particles, etc… I can go to work with this and actually to the gas station for the first time in over 2 years now!” Carol, USA Allergy™ Mask

“I can’t believe what I have just read!!! I will sure BLAST great words for your products to all my links and share with you guys! Million of appreciation for ur good will gesture. Warmest Regards from your supporter from Singapore.” Marcus, SingaporeCinqro™ Mask

“My @ResproUK Techno™ mask is simply the best mask I’ve ever used. 8 hours a day and comfortable as hell. Thanks!” Sean, Santa Monica, USA Techno™ Mask

“I can’t get over how beautifully designed the mask is.” John, SpainCinqro™ Mask

“I just want to thank you and let you know that my replacement face mask arrived in the post this weekend and works perfectly.” Rael, UKTechno™ Mask

“I am really impressed by the quality of your customer service and will be spreading word of it to all my cycling friends!”Thanks… For your impressively prompt and detailed response. As it happens, I’d parked my bike by Birmingham cathedral today and thought there was a bike shop nearby…. on Temple Street. Turns out it was Evans cycles and turns out they had a few of your masks in stock. The lad who helped me was extremely good – unpacked a few & let me try them before I bought one.
You, and he both deserve thanks for excellent customer service, and your advice was spot-on (I wore it home tonight & was much better than the totobobo one I’d been testing.” Dan, UK

“I’ve received my Cinqro™. It is much better than I remember compared to my old Sporsta™ of a decade ago (or longer). I had no difficulty breathing as I was in a paceline 20-26 mph, I don’t always ride this fast. Thanks again!” FrankyCinqro™ Mask

“My wife’s health was seriously damaged (radiotherapy and chemo) which makes travel through pollution near impossible. With your amazing mask and filter combo…. we can do it! Thank you for giving us wings!!” Lorenzo, ItalyAllergy™ Mask

“Just wanted to congratulate you and the Respro® team for such an amazing, fast, easy and effective service.
I’ve been buying during some years your products through other websites as I didn’t know I could order them directly from the Respro® website.
Apart from keeping recommending the masks I use every day, I’ll advice people to get them directly from you.” Guillermo, London, UK

“I found the stockist in Taichung and picked up my Techno™ mask last weekend, with a tidy discount for getting some extra filters as well. After just a week of use I swear I already feel I can breathe easier! It was a little uncomfortable on the first day but then it seemed to loosen up and now it’s perfect. Maybe a little hot for Taiwanese summer but in the winter months that’s going to be a real bonus. Thanks for getting back to me about it, good to know that customer service isn’t a lost art :)” Paul, TaiwanTechno™ Mask

“Love your techno mask, looking forward to Cinqro!” JulieTechno™ Mask

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, the Sportsta™ Mask. I have severe allergies and asthma, the Sportsta™ Mask is vital for me to function when pollen is high. I used it while training for a half-marathon and while completing the race this past weekend. I got a lot of strange looks, but also was asked by several people what it was and why I was wearing it.” Nyama, Milwaukee, WI, USASportsta™ Mask

“Arrived next day. Really works. Bought it for my sons hayfever. He has worn it outside and it really does keep out the pollen.” Beverly, Minehead, UKAllergy™ Mask

“I have used your “Respro® Mask” for a few years… Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product. As a MCS suffer, your products have given me the freedom to venture into public buildings and tend to various duties around my home.” Sandra, Canada

“I have your techno-respro mask and love it. I was behind an old diesel dump truck that I could barely smell today. kudos!” Bruce, Tucson, USATechno™ Mask

“I use the Sportsta™ mask and Sportsta™ filter. I really have noticed the difference between running 10km with and without it around Changsha. Without it it has felt like my lungs are full of sand when I finished!” Samantha, Changsha City, ChinaSportsta Mask™

“Thank you for your reply, I had already ordered a mask and filters via my regular bike parts website. Used the mask already everyday since I got it, and I am really happy with your product!! No more tasting of air pollution while riding my bicycle!!” Chaim, Kazakhstan

“Thank you for the e-mail!  I am very happy to let you know that I was able to find a Techno Mask™ for sale locally–and just in time!  Today I arrived in North China–the air is so bad that I cannot even see across the street.  The smell of chemicals and dust is very thick in the air and many people outside were coughing severely.  I am very happy to say though, that with my Techno Mask™, I couldn’t taste or smell the pollution at all and I didn’t even cough once–this is a lifesaver!  Please pass my thanks along to the team at Respro® for inventing this product!” Michael, China Techno Mask™

“I purchased the Techno Mask™ and am very happy with it.   I am using it in Northern Alberta. I wear it 1 hour a day. I will replace the Gold Filter after 3 weeks of use. Many of my co -workers are asking me about the product as well so hopefully I can get more of them to use your product.” Stacy, Alberta, CanadaTechno Mask™

“Today the sending arrived successfully in Kathmandu, you guys are great!
Thank you.” Mike, Kathmandu, NepalTechno Mask™

“Thought I’d send in some positive feedback: have worn the City Mask™ for three rides and have noticed a massive difference.  I used to produce a lot of mucus  when riding, requiring me to spit loads on rides, that has reduced significantly.  Also whereas after many rides my breathing would feel restricted (I’m asthmatic), now it feels as though I have complete use of my lungs and almost as though I am breathing better after the ride (with a greater lung capacity almost) than before.  I live in central London (Oxford St) and my asthma has come back after 10 years dormancy, it seriously feels as though the mask is having a beneficial impact on my breathing – not just during rides.

Would you anticipate these kind of results (as you can tell I am no sports scientist/medical practitioner!).” Stuart, London, UK City Mask™

“I own a Techno Mask™ and have done for some time – it’s great.  I recently cleaned the mask and cannot find the inside black screw/clip that keeps the mask filters in place. Where can I get a replacement please?” Neil, Reading, UK  Techno Mask™

 “I live in Vancouver BC Canada. I have been using the Bandit Scarf™ for ATV-ing and would like to buy more. Can you please give me the contact info for your supplier in Canada. You have a great product that works very well.” Ian, Surrey, Canada  Bandit Scarf™

“Thank you for the mask its great !!! Its just the thing for my city riding.” Kallan, Sydney, Australia Techno Mask™

“I am currently in Taiwan on business… I cycle to and from the job site every day. The pollution in Kaohsiung is getting to me… The mask has been of immense use to me. I felt ill after being in the traffic for any number of minutes before the use of this mask. Now the 40 minute commute is a pleasure. I see the dual type filter mask as a necessary evil in this environment.” Henning, Taiwan & South Africa Techno Mask™, Sportsta™ filter

“I live in Milan, here the pollution is very heavy and strong. Your products have a very good making and the City mask changed my life!” Marina, Milan, Italy  City Mask™

“I am wondering why this mask is no longer available in the gold color? I have a latex/natural rubber allergy and must wear a mask whenever I leave my home in order to not suffer anaphylactic reactions.  I can’t tell you how your mask has changed my life in that it allows me to go to the market and places I couldn’t before. I did look at the white scotchguarded one, but am afraid I might have an allergic reaction to the agent used on it that makes it more visible.” Leslye, USA  Allergy Mask™

FB1!! Yes, I’ve been having a pretty bad time of it. I stay home 90% of the time, in a ‘air controlled’ condo. Winter sure is hard on me (even with the mild envon)… and I don’t have enough ‘air’ (peak flows), to enable me, to go over to the island, for a break. I hope you make it to island yourself.

I’ve only been out twice, since I got the masks. Yes, I found the Fireman’s mask very helpful in a construction (welding) environment – also, it fits nicely with my new sports one (very bad air quality at my doctors building, lately, as they are renovating !). Your Respro masks sure have been a Godsend !!!

Last time out, it was more ‘toxic’ in the air outside, and found the techno mask helped the best. I never know which one will do it, until I’m out there !!!

I rely on them so much… just to breath…and I can’t go out AT ALL, without ALL 4, of my Respro masks (FB1, Allergy, Sportsta, and Techno). Please thank the company, who makes them.” from QUORUM ALLERGY, Vancouver – FB-1, Allergy Mask™, Sportsta Mask™, and Techno Mask™

“… you can’t put a price on your life! Respro makes some top products, it’s just a shame you don’t have a bit more exposure.” Lee, UK

“I’m a keen bicycle commuter & travel 30 miles a day during rush hour. I suffer from hay fever & want to help reduce nuisance pollution from pollen & road traffic alike. …Opted for the Sportsta as you recommended. Absolutely brilliant – wish I’d bought it earlier! Thanks loads for your help! Happy cycling!” Jeremy, London, UK –  Sportsta Mask™

“We are in the desert southwest and it is very dusty and the pollen is also extreme at times. I have and use a Sportsta mask I purchased online and everyone I ride with asks me about it. … I love my Sportsta mask, great quality and it works!! I use it for mountain biking and commuting to work. I can ride full out and not feel like I am smothering, very impressive. I do not believe there is any other product on the market as good.” Ernie, Scottsdale, AZ, USA – Sportsta Mask™

“Just received the shell replacement today. Everything’s completely fine. I tried the new shell and felt that it is more sealed, no air leak when exhale. It might be because of difference in nosepiece, just guessing. Nevertheless, thank you very much, this is a top notch service. I want to voice for your product so much but people don’t seem to care about the air they breathe in and urban cycling is not a favorable transportation over here.” Warin, USA Sportsta Mask™

“Thank you for your prompt response to my request, I am very grateful.” Roger, London, UK Techno Mask™

“I received the parcel today (already arrived Monday actually, was not able to get it until now). All I can say is: great. Thanks again. Best to you all and stay ahead of the curve.” Pieter, Belgium Techno Mask™

“I’ve just picked it up from the post and tried it on. The quality is superb and it works very well indeed! Compared to my previous mask it feels like upgrading from a Lada to a Mercedes Benz. I’ll definitely recommend this product to all my friends and family.” Amit, Nir Zvi, Israel – Techno Mask™

“Few months ago I sent a message to you that I have lost the valve from my mask while riding. You asked for my address and sent a replacement valve within a week. It works perfectly, and now I know how to fit it properly. So, I just wanted to say that I am very thankful for your understanding and support, especially Syd, who attached a message to the package on a paper with a cool Respro header which is on my wall ever since.

I wish all the best for you guys in 2012, the year of new consciousness: just keep spreading the biking lifestyle.” Gerg, Budapest, Hungary

“Thank you Respro®, If I forgot to mention I love your products, they do what they say on the packet.” Lee, London, UK

“Many thanks for your mask washing instructions. much appreciated. It’s a really great thing that these exist, my mask has already made a big difference to me and more importantly my lungs.” Louise

‘I bought a Techno Mask™ from chain reaction cycles couple of weeks ago. I have found the mask brilliant.” Sararose, Dublin, IrelandTechno Mask™

“I recently bought the “The Respro Sportsta Mask™ ” for my allergy reliefs and it’s incredible. My problem is that i don’t know which replacement filter to buy to have to same or better result.” Steve, Canada – Sportsta Mask™

“Your mask was a wonderful thing when I was in China. I will never forget what a difference it made when I first tried it. I think it such a crime that people in that part of the world do not have proper masks to use.” Steve, China Techno Mask™

“… Just a note to thank you for sending the charcoal filters to Venice for me.  They arrived before I did.  I used the mask every day, and avoided getting sick almost until the end of my 10 stay, when I inadvertently attended a party which allowed smoking in a public building and had handed my mask over to the coat check attendant.  By the time I realised that the stench of cigarette smoke was not just from people smoking outside the entry to the building, it was too late… so I once again am trying to recover from my exposure to tobacco smoke.  Why is it legal???  Doesn’t seem fair that I have to suffer from bronchitis, asthma, coughing, headache, sore throat, and chest pains just to accommodate a person’s drug addiction… Next time I will keep my mask with me ALWAYS!” Diana, UK Allergy Mask™

“I love your masks, here is a before and after photo of the filter, after 2 months of riding in Singapore. Fantastic product, couldn’t live without it anymore.” Benoit, Singapore

“I want to express my gratitude about Respro mask. I LOVE IT, its better than all the others. THANK YOU once again. Be ready for me I am going to order another one” Rudolph

“I would like to thank you for your awesome City Mask™! This is a really helpful mask that I use everyday when I drive in my car. It helps filters out all the dirty emissions that are being emitted from cars, especially in huge and long traffic jams.” Shany, Malaysia – City Mask™

“Just a note to say thanks for your Allergy masks™ – I have multiple chemical sensitivity and the bandit mask is great. I can’t imagine living without it.” Joan – Allergy Mask™

“I’m very happy with the service, and would order from you again.” Graeme, Staines, UK

“Many thanks for the mask which I received and would like to convey that I was most impressed with its quality and functionality. This is just an awesome product which helped me greatly with my Hay fever cutting lawns and generally around the house.” Chester, Melbourne, AustraliaAllergy Mask™

“BRILLIANT! Very good service, I’m impressed. Thank you.” Sam

“I love your wonderful products and company.  Thank you for all that you do.  I bought a mask a couple of years ago that has been a lifesaver with pollution in India travels.  I wonder if you could advise me on the best mask for vehicle pollution and dust in urban areas?  Thank you so so much.  I will then order several of these.” Patrick, India City Mask™

“I have been using your Techno Gold filter for about a month to filter out tobacco smoke. They seem to be working.  In this time I have had only one reaction to tobacco smoke and that was because of a failure of my new Techno Valves two weeks ago when the temperature was minus 10 Celsius.  I am now at the tail end of the recovery process and the worst is behind me.” Wayne, CanadaTechno Mask™

“I bought your Sportsta Mask™ to because I have an allergy to mould spores. The mask is excellent and I am very happy with it.” Andy, UK Sportsta Mask™

“I have recently purchased the Techno Mask™ and really enjoyed it. I think it is a superb product. I was wondering whether you have a distributor of your products in Israel?” Beeri, Israel Techno Mask™

“I really love my Sportsta Mask™ for the warmer months and I’m sure that I’ll love the Xtreme™ for the winter. Your products enable me to ride my motorcycle when the allergens would keep me in the car. Thanks again!” Mike, UK – Sportsta Mask™

“Thanks for making my commute in HK all the more bearable!” Jonathan, Hong KongCity™ Mask

3 Responses to Endorsements

  1. Michael J says:

    Having lung problems. The respro allows me to ride freely on my motorbike without taking in the nasties the vehicles send out.
    A godsend for me and i wouldn’t be riding without one.

  2. Jocelyn Harrold says:

    Do you have asuppliernin Canada?

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