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Brazilian wildfire pollution worsens air quality in distant cities – study

Wildfires in south eastern Brazil produce airborne pollution that worsens air quality in major cities such as Sao Paulo – cancelling out efforts to improve the urban environment and posing health risks to citizens, according to a new study. The … Continue reading

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Diverting diesel trucks spared lungs in Sao Paulo

The positive health outcomes of the intervention could guide the formulation of similar transport polices in other cities. In densely populated cities like Sao Paulo, many vehicles running on diesel such as commercial trucks, vans, and buses circulate right by … Continue reading

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Agricultural fires in Brazil harm infant health, a warning for the developing world

Pollution from the controlled fires that burn across Brazil’s São Paulo state during the sugarcane-harvesting season has a negative impact on infant health nearby. But the health of those same infants likely benefits from the economic opportunities the fires bring … Continue reading

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Air pollution: a dark cloud of filth poisons the world’s cities 

The number of annual deaths caused by pollution around the world is now greater than malaria and HIV combined, according to a recent study, with scientists warning that fatalities could reach 6 million a year by 2050 During these cold … Continue reading

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Air pollution in São Paulo kills more people than car accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS combined

In the sprawling metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil, home to 20 million people and a lackluster public transportation system, fighting through road traffic is a part of everyday life for commuters. With some 7 million vehicles already clogging city streets, … Continue reading

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