I’ve used a couple of face masks in the past to try and protect myself when cycling to work. The Respro® Cinqro is the first one I’ve actually been able to get on with long term!

Respro® Cinqro Mask Review: Cycling with an air filter

The Respro® Cinqro mask is one of more sports orientated masks from the UK based pollution mask manufacturer. To the degree that the Respro® Cinqro really is aimed not merely at commuters but squarely at athletes for whom their lives are fitted around their coaches orders, not the other way round. Athletes who normally shrug at air pollution warning and will still head out to adhere to their training plans.

When it comes to pollution, I’m actually quite lucky. I live right on the edge of a housing estate, coming out to the main road I’ve about 70 meters and then I’m in fields. Now that might sound like a bit of a useless comment, talking about a city pollution mask, but it is designed to highlight that not all use cases of face masks are immediately apparent:

I don’t need a mask to go running myself, but I am aware of friends who have used Respro masks in the past to allow them to go running in the summer whilst minimising the effect of the pollen. You might ask in such cases why not used save some money and buy a simple builders mask? Should filter the same?

The problem there is industrial masks are made for a specific job. Filtering dust and chemicals at a low of exertion. If you add in a run, or a cycle, suddenly design limitations of cheaper masks become apparent. The air inflow in not sufficient nor is the outflow, meaning you are not able to get enough oxygen, nor clear the respired carbon dioxide. You MIGHT not be breathless, but you’ll certainly impact on your training. Hence using a properly designed mask. Or at least trying to

You see I’ve used a couple of “sports masks” in the past from 3M, and then a cheap one from Decathlon, a previous Respro Techno mask, and even a Cambridge Mask Company mask. Each mask got used for a couple of weeks at the most, as they were fatally flawed for me. Early morning I’d cycle to work, and before the end of the first hill, I’d have my glasses steamed up, not able to see a thing. Whilst a filter mask might be good for your long term health, it doesn’t matter if you’ve crashed and died due to the mask is stopping you seeing what is in front of you!!!

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Respro® Cinqro Mask Review: Conclusion

Ok, Respro® masks are not the cheapest on the market, but I would have saved money if I had purchased a Cinqro initially rather than trying to save a little money buying cheaper masks which didn’t work. I think that is going to be my main take away: If you have glasses, and want a cycling filter mask, by a Respro® Cinqro. I don’t think I need much more of a conclusion do I? TG 5/5, and I would recommend

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 08.43.42.png

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