Face masks could be a game changer to your physical exercise

Respro® face masks are an investment that can be made now, but could last much longer than just quarantine.

By now, you must’ve seen face masks everywhere. The added protection is a great thing for bacteria and is a must have during these quarantine times. Were you aware that certain masks could be useful for everyday life, or adventure breaks? Not only could it be a layer of protection from bacteria, but you could be investing in a mask that filters vapour, dust, and all the other pollution particles you don’t want to be breathing in. But where can you get such a mask, and what should you get? Respro® specialises in creating masks that are made for wearing during sports, and other heavy activities. Whatever you need, Respro® has just the fit for you.

Respro® Ultralight™ Mask

The Ultralight™ mask is super versatile and one of our favourite fits. A big worry for when wearing a mask whilst running or cycling, is the excess humidity that would wet the mask. This particular mask is a great configuration for sweaty summer runs as it’s material allows for a smooth air ventilation. A standard Hepa-Type™ filter is initially installed. It targets dust and pollen. If you feel you need it you can change it up and use the Cinqro™ urban filter which filters really small particles, including gas and vapour. This mask is a must for those in humid cities, especially with the upcoming summer approaching!

Photo: Respro® Ultralight™ mask | courtesy Respro® UK

Respro® Sportsa™ mask

This mask is a little different. It too is great for city use, but also expands to countryside activities such as long cycles. It’s super comfortable and fits nice and snug, which is the sort of fit you would want if you’re expecting to wear it for long hours. Its Hepa-Type™ filter system targets tiny particles such as pollen, so is a great buy for the hay fever season.  It’s breathable and has good ventilation so you won’t be fogging up your glasses anymore!

Photo: Respro® Sportsa™ mask | courtesy Respro® UK

Respro® Cinqro™ mask

The Cinqro™ mask is a must for sports which are going to require excessive breathing. Think running, climbing, anything where you recognise you may be out of breath. It contains two Powa™ Elite valves which essentially means there will be a higher air flow, allowing for less humidity during exercise. The mixture of the neoprene material with the double valves means that it’s super comfortable but also allows for less inhalation resistance. It also comes with a Hepa-Type™ filter, meaning smoke, vapour, and even pollen won’t get in.

Photo: Respro® Cinqro™ mask | courtesy Respro® UK

These masks have so much more usage than just for bacteria. They are great filtration systems for everyday life and adventure!

Cover photo: Respro® Cinqro™ mask | courtesy Respro® UK

by Aventurista™