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Plastic snowfall in the Alps

Nanoplastic in the environment In a new study, Empa researcher Dominik Brunner, together with colleagues from Utrecht University and the Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics, is investigating how much plastic is trickling down on us from the atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Potentially harmful aerosols concentrate in European urban centres

Atmospheric particles that increase levels of cellular oxidants when inhaled might be especially harmful. An analysis reveals which emissions should be limited to minimize the potential adverse health effects of such particles in Europe. The inhalation of outdoor airborne particles … Continue reading

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Pollution warning over car tyre and brake dust

Dust from car brakes and tyres will still pollute city air even when the vehicle fleet has gone all-electric, a report has warned. Fragments of microplastics from tyres, road surfaces and brakes will also flow into rivers, and ultimately into … Continue reading

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