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One in six people dying of lung cancer in UK are non-smokers, experts say

Scientists blame rise on car fumes, secondhand smoke and soot from wood-burning stoves Growing numbers of non-smokers are being diagnosed with lung cancer, many at a stage when it is incurable, experts in the disease have revealed. They blame the … Continue reading

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Study: Idling hurts air quality

A local study of air emissions in the Barnett Shale suggests that trucks serving the oil and gas field spend an average of six hours per trip in extended idling, contributing to air pollution and ozone levels in North Texas. … Continue reading

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Air pollution could raise diabetes risk

Researchers found that children living in areas with higher levels of air pollution, for example from exhaust fumes, are more likely to develop insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes, by the age of 10. Previous studies have shown … Continue reading

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The future’s not bright: Low-level air pollution leads to drop in wildflower populations say Manchester scientists

The UK’s colourful countryside is in danger due to air pollution, according to a Manchester Metropolitan University researcher. Air pollution caused by car exhausts, fertilizer and industry is killing off many of our plants – with numerous wildflowers being threatened … Continue reading

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