It’s like a 3M

SMOG THE DOG OUTLINE  Seriously folks, if you want to wear a mask like a 3M mask and performs like a 3M mask then go to 3M and get one. Why buy a mask that looks like a 3M mask but has about a fifth of the filter material in the form of two discs.  Yes! you’ve guessed I am talking about the Totobobo mask!

Once again my sensibilities are defied by a product that is the shape of a 3M mask, similar strapping to affix to the head, similar shape, but has one fifth of the filter material available for breathing through and filtering out pollution. Come on!…. The only value that a smaller filter area has is that it shows up the dirt that it collects more easily. Your inhaled breath has to pass through the smaller surface area where the filter can collect all the pollution in that single breath. The result is, the filter gets dirty at a faster rate requiring changing more regularly.  I wonder who gains from more frequent replacement?

Other downsides include increased inhalation resistance (no good for cycling), increased water vapour (ever heard of the wet flannel effect?) it just makes like with the mask even harder. No valves equals sweat and condensation buildup and no noseclip equals no seal.

So come on good people think with your head and not your wallet.

SMOG THE DOG Smog the Dog, Toxin City

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