Hayfever alert: How to survive the sneezing season

Hay fever alert: How to survive the sneezing season – Mirror Online.

Its two weeks early this year but its here. Yes, the pollen has started our eyes and noses running for the hills already.

In this article there are many useful tips suggested on how to help alleviate the symptoms of hayfever. Of course the one they missed out on was ‘wearing a Respro® Aero Mask’ one of the best kept secrets in fighting allergy symptoms. As your body starts to fight with the foreign ‘pollen’ you put on your mask and breath through the filter thus blocking  the enemy from entering. It works every time and there are no nasty side affects.

(First Published: 3 Apr 2012)

About Respro® UK Ltd

Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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