Don’t Hold Your Breath, Get a Mask and Get on….

Picture this….

It’s the middle of the night, London Mayor, Boris Johnson is on his hands and knees outside the air quality monitoring station on the Marylebone Road… pot of glue in one hand, brush in the other, smearing it on the road.

What is he doing?

He is making sure that the pollution that fills the city air sticks firmly to the ground to keep levels below EC limits.  He is aware that if the glue doesn’t work, Brussels bad boys, will be knocking on his door with a hefty penalty charge for poor air quality.

Poor Boris….
“It’s not my fault” he cries, “I am only doing my job…. I can’t be responsible for all the pollution in London, can I…… “Anyway, its not all our pollution!  About 40% blows over from Europe and another 5% from the Sahara desert!”

So Boris, what are you doing apart from spreading copious amounts glue around the London roads?

Answer….. not a lot.

The various air pollutants, like Nitrogen Dioxide, continue to exceed European permitted levels and the government appear unable to tackle the problem.

So…our advice…. don’t hold your breath, get a mask and get on.

For more info:

Air pollution: Government called to Court of Appeal [1848].

A recent study in the British Medical Journal found that breathing in large amounts of traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack.

29,000 deaths reference: the Committee on the Medical Affects of Air Pollutants

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