Air pollution in Putney and Brixton up to three times higher than EU limits

Air pollution in some parts of London is three times higher than European-recommended safe limits, research reveals today.

Scientists at King’s College London monitored 100 sites around the capital last year, measuring levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is caused by traffic fumes and has been linked to increased risk of asthma in children.

They also tested the sites for levels of PM10 — airborne particles from several sources of pollution — which is linked to breathing and heart problems.

The worst pollution was in Putney and Brixton, at three times the EU limit. The team found that most sites near busy roads exceeded EU safe limits, and even some more quiet locations recorded dangerous levels. Up to 4,000 deaths in London every year are blamed on poor air quality.

via Air pollution in Putney and Brixton up to three times higher than EU limits – Health – News – Evening Standard.

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