Spain – EU highest level of Natural pollutants in the air

A recent report released from EU body, the European Environment Agency (EEA), found the highest levels of natural pollutants were in Spain, which frequently experiences forest fires, most recently this month and more catastrophically in the last few days.

Out of 42 instances, where the air levels in Spain were reported above legal limits, 18 were caused by natural pollution, said the report, which is the first European study of its kind. The Observatory of Sustainability, an independent organisation in Spain, said proximity to the Sahara made the Iberian peninsula especially vulnerable.

“This will get worse by desertification caused by climate change in the peninsula, converting this topic to a very important issue in Spain,” the group said in a statement. Ten other countries – including Cyprus, Greece and Italy – also reported air pollution above legal limits because of natural particles. “This analysis shows that authorities should make extra efforts to reduce the air pollution they can control, because the cumulative effect of natural and man-made particulates can damage people’s health,” Jacqueline McGlade, EAA executive director, said in a statement.

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For regional air quality levels in Spain, click here.

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