Air quality advisory issued for dust, wildfire smoke

Due to expected smoke from wildfires burning in Southern California, and dust from the Colorado river basin, the Clark County Department of Air Quality issued a Dust/Smoke advisory. The advisory will be in effect today to Thursday morning.

Smoke is made of small dust particles and other pollutants that can aggravate respiratory diseases.

At this time, unhealthy levels of air pollution are not occurring. Air Quality officials will continue to monitor conditions and will post an alert on the forecast page of the DAQ website if unhealthy levels actually occur.

via Air quality advisory issued for dust, wildfire smoke – My News 3 – KSNV, Las Vegas, NV.

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2 Responses to Air quality advisory issued for dust, wildfire smoke

  1. Chris S. says:

    Why is nobody posting WHAT TYPE of Respro mask is suitable for wildfire smoke??

    • Hi, The pollution from burning shrubland and forest fires would be made up of carbonaceous particulates in the form of black smoke and resultant chemical compounds from burning sap from the trees.

      We would recommend the Ultralight with a Cinqro Urban filter pack option.

      The filter fitted into the Ultralight mask as standard (Cinqro sports filter) is a Hepa-type filter, perfect for sub-micron black smoke particulates and pollen (smaller than PM2.5 and less than 1 micron). The filter pack supplied with the ‘combo’ kit is the Cinqro Urban filter. This filter is a combination filter comprising of an Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth layer (DACC) laminated to the Hepa-type particulate layer of the Sports filter and provides a broader spectrum of screening which would include wood gas and carbonaceous pollution together with filtration from urban vehicle pollution. The Ultralight mask is made from air permeable material which is good for facial ventilation, comes in 4 sizes for a comfortable flexible fit and is fitted with the Elite Powa valves for humidity control in the filter.

      A more economical solution would be the Techno mask as this has a combination filter similar in specification to the Cinqro Urban filter. Respro® masks have interchangeable filters and valves to allow you to choose the best option of mask and filter dependent on your needs and build a mask to your own specification mask.

      In summary:
      Masks we recommend for Wildland fire pollution.


      It is important that a mask fits correctly otherwise air will just pass through the gaps and not function how it is intended. Even if it has the best filter; if it is a poor fit it will reduce its ability to filter out the pollutants.

      If you do use our website service, we strongly recommend that you send in your details to confirm your sizing. We ask this so that we can ensure you have the correct size and that the mask will be of benefit to you or those who are using it. It is also important for any sizing issues that may arise so we are able to assess and resolve any problems.

      Our policy on returns:
      If we have advised you of the size for your mask and it is subsequently found to be an incorrect size, then we will exchange the mask.

      If you choose to make the decision on the size of the mask and purchase the wrong size, then we are not at liberty to exchange the mask as it is considered a personal item. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations June 2014 if the item has been used or the seal broken then we are not liable to refund or exchange the item as this poses a contamination and subsequent product liability issue and therefore we are unable to resell the item.

      Please see the following link for sizing assistance and supply the following measurements so we can confirm your size:



      Neck size:

      Head size:

      Eye to chin length:

      (most people know their height)

      (most people know their weight)

      Neck Size:
      Using piece of cotton or string, measure the circumference around the neck. use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the neck circumference. Easier still check your shirt size.

      Head size (AKA Hat Size):
      Using piece of cotton or string, measure the circumference around the head. use a ruler to determine the length of string. This is the head or hat size circumference.

      Eye to Chin: REALLY IMPORTANT
      Take a piece of string and place it between the eyes on the top of the nose bridge, run the string over the tip of your nose and down to just under the chin. This is the eye to chin length. Please note the curved line and the point to point distance. If you are in doubt then a Passport image would also be useful.


      We provide a free shipping service anywhere on the planet
      You can order your products directly from our website and get free shipping anywhere in the world. We offer a fast, efficient, secure with two day despatch guaranteed whilst we have stock.

      We also provide a courier service for faster delivery which is available at the site checkout and charged at cost.

      For further information please contact

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