City coughs up for hi-tech sensors to track pollution

Edinburgh is to become the first local authority area in Scotland to track levels of pollution hourly in a bid to cut down on harmful emissions.

Environment chiefs are to install 20 advanced sensors along the A8 through Corstorphine – the main road to and from Edinburgh from the west – to track the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

After failing a series of environmental tests, Edinburgh City Council managed to control breaches of air purity guidelines with the use of existing sensors by managing traffic flow differently.

The new advanced monitoring units, which the local authority is currently tendering for, are to be installed on a stretch of road close to the current permanent monitoring site at St John’s Road.

They will also monitor temperature, noise and vibration created by traffic and gauge the impact on nearby residential areas and businesses.

Depending on data gathered, transport officials would adjust the traffic management in the area if required, such as speed and light changes, in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

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