Paris could ban old bangers in pollution crackdown

Vehicles produced before 1997 could be banned from Paris under plans to reduce air pollution in the French capital.

French classics like the Citroen DS and 2CV wouldn’t be allowed inside the A86 autoroute, the equivalent of London’s M25, if proposals talked up by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe came into effect.

“This is for our citizens,” said Monsieur Delanoe. “It’s a public health battle and we’ve been fighting since 2001 to try and make the air here more breathable.”

The Citroen 2CV would be banned from the French capital if Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe’s proposal came into effect

The rule, which could be in place by 2014, would also forbid trucks and buses built before 1996 and motorcycles produced as recently as 2001 from entering the city.

Around 365,000 cars would be affected, the Paris Town Hall estimates.

via Paris could ban old bangers in pollution crackdown |

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