Officials move to address air pollution

The official website of Slavonski Brod, a city in eastern Croatia, last month issued a dire warning for people to stay in their homes because of the polluted air. Harmful gases from the Bosanski Brod oil refinery in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were reportedly eight times higher than allowed by law.

Slavonski Brod Mayor Mirko Duspara said pollution is an ongoing problem in his community.

“Pollution is extremely high and it has been going on for years,” Duspara told SETimes. “We urged our government to contact people from BiH and to do something about it, but without success. Poisons that come from refinery are usually sulfur hydrogen and benzene.”

Slavonski Brod residents are not alone. Almost all the countries of the former Yugoslavia have environmental “black spots” that are polluting the air and the lives of people near them.

Some officials are now taking steps to reduce pollution and improve the quality of the air.

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