£150,000 to Improve Air Quality in York

City of York Council has gained funding from government worth £150,000 for five schemes aimed at improving air quality in the city.

The funding, which comes from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Defra puts York at the top of the funding ladder for a single local authority.

The grants see York receive £94,490 which is to be put towards the implementation of Low Emission Strategy measures and £54,490 for assessing the impact of these and other transport measures.

The funding aims to help create guidance and tools for local authorities who want to reduce emissions. Money was also given to authorities who want to develop the way they communicate air quality messages to their local communities.

The grant will allow the city to engage in a public information campaign to raise awareness of the effects of air pollution on health and will also see the promotion of low emission vehicles and taxis. This will include vehicle demonstration days, purchase / lease of a high profile low emission vehicle for use on promotional work and for development of a Low Emission Taxi Incentive Scheme. A study will also take place to ascertain the likely real-life emission reduction of the I-Travel York campaign, using the best available modelling techniques.

A Compressed Natural Gas CNG refuelling feasibility study for York will also take place alongside a Tackling Idling Vehicle Strategy Feasibility study – which will help the council develop an evidence base to demonstrate the reduction in vehicle emissions achievable through the introduction of anti-idling policies, which encourage drivers to switch off their engines when parked for some time.

via 104.7 Minster FM – News – £150,000 to Improve Air Quality in York.

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