UK could face EU fines for “massaging” London’s pollution data

European Commission also preparing to sue UK over NO2 as part of air quality crackdown

The European Commission is considering fresh legal action over the UK’s pollution problem following allegations London officials “massaged” air quality data last year in order to avoid hefty fines.

A number of green groups have complained informally to the EU about London’s attempts to clean up its air quality using so-called “dust suppressant” technology to glue pollution and airborne particles known as PM10s to the roads.

The glue has been found to be effective in targeting pollution hotspots, however the Campaign for Clean Air in London and the Green Party have both accused Mayor Boris Johnson of “cheating” in order to meet EU air quality standards by only using the glue near where official monitoring stations are located.

Simon Birkett, director of Clean Air London, also alleged the Mayor’s office was using dust surpressents to clear the air before the readings were taken.

In order to meet the European Commission targets, the daily limit for PM10 in the UK must not exceed 50 micrograms per metre squared more than 35 times in a calendar year. However, independent monitoring stations have already shown that some areas breached PM10 levels last year.

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