Respro® Sportsta™ Mask Review by Living In The Big Ring

Sportsta™Here in Arizona there are huge dust storms that will be arriving soon this summer. The literal walls of dust are picked up and carried all over. It makes driving and seeing very difficult. Visibility is drastically reduced. It is in these dust storms, or “haboobs” ,a fungal disease known as Valley Fever is carried. I try not ride or run when these types of storms are present. I have been packing along just in case a Respro® Sportsta™ Mask, to help keep my lungs and respiratory system healthy while out training. Whether running, road or mountain bike riding. I have used it several times while out mountain bike riding, as the dust off of the wheel of the person in front of you and sometimes your own tires kick up this dust. The device simply covers your mouth and nose filtering the air while allowing you to breathe normally. The soft neoprene is attached behind your neck with a Velcro enclosure. The devices are made in the U.K. Of course drinking while out training while wearing this device is impossible. However, I suggest if you need to take a drink while wearing it, simply stop remove the mask, drink, and carry on. Around the nose there is a metal clip, keeping the mask securely tight around your nose. You will notice on the mask there are two valves in the front, these are where exhales air escapes from, however as you inhale, the air you bring into your lungs is totally filtered.

via Living in the BIG RING: Respro® Sportsta™ Mask.

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Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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