Respro® Masks FAQ: Do the filters need replacing, if so, how often?

Do the filters need replacing, if so, how often?

Yes the filters do need replacing.

1. The effective working life of the City™ filter depends on a number of factors, such as; the breathing rate of the user; ambient levels of pollution; the length of time the filter is actively working; hygiene levels. Taking these factors into account we recommend that the filter should be replaced every month or every 69 hours, whichever is sooner.

2. Replacement of the Sportsta™ filter should be carried out every month or when the filter becomes noticeably discoloured.

For more FAQ,  go to Respro® Mask FAQ

Do you need to change the filter in your Respro® Face Mask? Watch this video to learn the correct procedure.

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Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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