Air pollution posing health hazard at Bhagat Singh Colony

Constant exposure to polluted air has led to skin allergies and other health issues among residents

The slum area, known as Bhagat Singh Colony, adjacent to the sixth lane of Dwarakanagar, is considered both a boon and a bane.

“Boon in the sense, a robber can never get away from here if at all he enters the colony. The slum-dwellers keep a close watch on the houses and they are awake till late in the night. We also enjoy their services in the form of domestic help and dhobi without any irregularities,” says Akella Venkata Purushotham, one of the old residents of the colony.

However, on special occasions such as marriage, these slum-dwellers host functions right in the middle of the road. With music in full volume, colony people face tremendous noise pollution, apart from the inconvenience caused due to road blocks.

According to colony resident G. Indrani, there has been absolutely no progress in terms of infrastructure.

“The dug-up roads pose problem to the commuters. And over the years, the condition has only gone from bad to worse. Another issue we face is the stink that emanates from the wide drains situated close to the lane (near Ramaduta Hanuman temple). Despite the incense sticks I place all around the house, the stench still dominates,” she says.

For several years now, the residents are unable to find a solution for air pollution.

The constant exposure to polluted air has an impact on the store owners and elderly people residing in the colony. They say that because of pollution they suffer from skin allergies and other health issues. Despite repeated complaints, authorities have failed to address the concern, they worry.

As most colony residents say the place is safe and theft-free, a number of civic issues continue to haunt them.

via Air pollution posing health hazard at Bhagat Singh Colony – The Hindu.

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