Nairobi’s polluted air doles out constant flu

Everybody talks about pollution of water in Nairobi all the time. Nobody, at any time, talks about pollution of the air around Nairobi. But they need to, especially if they were to know the extent to which the seemingly clear and colourless air is polluted. Some people may have a clue of how bad things are. In the morning or evening as you approach the city centre from afar, instead of tall buildings and bright lights, they see a dimly lit city struggling to be seen through a misty cloud that engulfs it.

It is visually horrifying but not enough cause for worry because soon after seeing the cloud of mist, they will be lost in it, able to see just a few metres ahead.

Here is why air pollution in Nairobi should worry you: According to the World Health Organisation WHO, the normal level of fine dust which is a significant health threat is five times higher in Nairobi than that in countries like Sweden.

This already high percentage gets higher as one enters the central business district. But it is not only the dust that Nairobi residents need to worry about.

There is also the exhaust gas from vehicles and gases from industries and factories. These gases include carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.To these impurities, add smoke, lead and suspended particulates like pollen grains from flowers.

via Standard Digital News : : Lifestyle – Nairobi’s polluted air doles out constant flu.

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