Perth’s Atholl Street one of nation’s most polluted

Perth’s Atholl Street is one of the dirtiest streets in Scotland, according to a new report by Friends of the Earth.

Along with the Seagate, Whitehall Street and Lochee Road in Dundee, it has the dubious distinction of being among the top 10 most polluted streets in the country.

The list was drawn up after Friends of the Earth analysed the average level of poisonous nitrogen dioxide.

Emilia Hanna, air pollution campaigner for Friends of the Earth Scotland, said the Scottish Government needs to take action on the issue.

She said: “Yet again, Scotland’s streets are shown to have dangerous levels of toxic pollution, which are breaking legal limits that were due to be met in 2010. Pollution levels in our urban areas are showing little sign of improvement, with some key streets even more polluted than in 2013.

“Air pollution is responsible for more than 2,000 deaths in Scotland each year and costs the NHS here up to £2 billion annually. The time has come for our polluted air to be treated as the public health crisis it really is.

“Although today’s air pollution is mostly invisible, its impact on our health is crystal clear. Breathing in polluted air increases your chances of having a heart attack, a stroke or developing cancer.

“Children are also particularly vulnerable, with exposure to air pollution restricting lung development, leading to long-term health problems. It has even been linked with autism in children. It is unjust children, who are not in any way responsible, are suffering the most.”

Despite remaining in the top 10, the average level of the noxious gas has decreased on the Seagate and Lochee Road.

Andrew Llanwarne, Dundee resident and coordinator of Friends of the Earth Tayside, said more must be done to improve the city’s air quality.

“A more radical approach is needed to reduce rush-hour traffic levels. Bus services are generally good but there are still no park-and-ride facilities for commuters and more could be done to encourage car sharing and cycling.

“Walking and cycling also have valuable health benefits, provided the air is clean.”

via Perth’s Atholl Street one of nation’s most polluted – Perth & Kinross / Local / News / The Courier.

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