Respro® Ultralight™ Mask

Respro® Ultralight™ Mask

The material used for the Ultralight™ mask is a 4-way stretch, air permeable (allows air to pass) technical fabric that allows the face to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

The Ultralight™ comes with black/silver Powa™ Elite valves and a black/silver unbreakable nose clip and carry bag. The Hepa-Type™ sports filter is installed as standard; the perfect 2.5PM filter for urban areas high in diesel particulates or travelling in hot dusty conditions.

For more information or to buy a Respro® Ultralight™ mask, visit our website respro.com.

About Respro® UK Ltd

Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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