Respro® Masks FAQ: What differences are there with the new CiNQRO™ mask?

What differences are there with the new CiNQRO™ mask?

The CiNQRO™ mask focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport end user where breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter.  Improved comfortability are key to this level of personal endeavor

For improved air flow and comfortability the two Powa Elite valves on the CiNQRO™ mask allow faster air flow characteristics when breathing out at elevated breathing patterns, ie when you are giving it the beans from A2B which equates to less back pressure, less dampness in the filter, improved filtration, lower inhalation resistance all of which result in improved comfort and performance.

The CiNQRO™ package incorporates a complete mask fitted with a Hepa-Type particle filter for filtering submicron particles like diesel smoke, pollen, brake lining dust and any aqueous water vapor particles that  can carry various chemicals in the air. A spare DACC chemical/particle filter is also supplied as part of the package allowing filter interchangeability making the Cinqro™ mask suitable for use in a wider variety of environments from inner cities to the countryside.

A graphics rebuild for the look of the mask fits it squarely in the sports arena rather than the ‘scare the hell out of everyone’ arena.

For more FAQ,  see Respro® Masks FAQ

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