Differences between the Respro® StreetSmart™ mask and Respro® sports masks

Respro® StreetSmart™1. Technical

2. Practical

3. Application

4. Aesthetic

5. Price

6. Durability

From a a technical standpoint the filter material is the same, an electro statically charged non-woven material that is tested for the removal of 99% of all sub micron particulates down to 0.5 microns. The mask has to seal to allow inhaled air to pass though that filter. If the mask does not seal properly, then no matter how good the filter is, air will pass around the sides of the mask unfiltered.

The Respro® StreetSmart™ mask is tested and certified to the European Standard FFP3 which means that it cannot let anything more than 2% ‘Inward leakage’, that is, the maximum allowable value of unfiltered air to pass around the sides is 2%. This is the highest European Standard for a certified mask to conform to.  Respro® sports masks were tested to the European Standard FFP1, this allows for up to 12% ‘inward leakage’.  The reason why we have three sizes is to improve the fit on an adults face so that it provides the best possible seal to reduce the inward leakage. So provided the mask is sized and fitted properly it will provide a good seal and will filter the polluted air that you breathe as efficiently a Respro® StreetSmart™ mask.  This standard only applies to particulate matter and does not accommodate for other urban pollutants such as NOx and SOx, low level ozone or any of the organics that are exhausted from motor vehicles.

From the practical point of view, we would not recommend the Respro® StreetSmart™ for running or any other activity that requires an elevated breathing rate. It would soon be obvious that anything above walking or home use would not be suitable and that the mask would become restrictive over a period of time.

The price reflects the aesthetic point of view, the Respro® StreetSmart™ is somewhat less attractive and in todays visual world, masks have to be seen to be cool as well as function efficiently.

The durability or reusability of the Respro® StreetSmart™ is not the same as a Respro® sports mask, whilst it can be used several occasions it is ultimately a disposable product unlike Respro® sports masks which have a replaceable filter and a durable shell that have comfort and aesthetic built into the design.

The benefits of the Respro® StreetSmart™ mask are there to ensure that the end user can acquire the best ‘industry standard’ product, albeit with regards to one particular pollutant type that of PM* or Particulate Matter which is currently being commented on around the globe as the major pollution concern.

*What does PM stand for?

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Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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