Hundreds of buses to be fitted with green technology to cut air pollution 

The government has announced new funding for councils to cut emissions in 439 buses around the country as part of a £7million scheme

The government has announced new funding for greener buses Photo: EPA/ANDY RAIN

A million greener bus journeys will take place across the UK next year after ministers announced £7million to fund new technology.

Hundreds of buses will be fitted with devices to cut harmful nitrogen oxide emissions in areas where pollution is high, reducing toxins by 90 per cent according to government research.

Fifty London buses will go green and Bristol and Brighton will both see 35 vehicles fitted with the technology.

Exhaust fumes are adding to pollution in the atmosphere Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Other areas including Leeds, York, Sunderland and Norfolk will get government funding to convert their buses in eighteen hotspots in total.

Andrew Jones, the transport minister, said: “Greener buses mean cleaner town and city centres and a healthier environment for everyone.

“The upgraded buses that will soon hit the roads in England continue our commitment to better air quality by investing in greener transport.

“By targeting pollution hotspots and backing the low-emission technology of the future, we are making the right long-term decisions to improve people’s lives.”

Bristol is one of the cities that has won funding Photo: ALAMY

The new round of funding takes the total spent by Ministers on upgrading old buses to £27million since 2011.

Councils have been awarded up to £500,000 to refit old vehicles under the scheme, which aims to reduce air pollution in urban areas.

Councils were encouraged to apply to the scheme to upgrade their vehicles Photo: WARREN ALLOTT

Last summer a court ruled the government must urgently cut emissions after repeatedly missing EU air quality targets.

Ministers vowed to make changes to bring the UK in line with rules set by Europe amid warnings that some parts of the country won’t meet targets until 2030.

Nitrogen oxides are estimated to be responsible for thousands of deaths in the UK every year.

Source: Hundreds of buses to be fitted with green technology to cut air pollution – Telegraph

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