This City Wants to Pay People to Bike to Work

It wouldn’t be the first one.

One of the E.U.’s most polluted cities is working to change its commuters’ habits.

Milan is considering implementing a program that would compensate people who bike to work, Fast Company reports. It’s consistently ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the E.U. and even had to ban cars temporarily when it had unhealthy smog levels for 30 straight days in December.

The smog has a difficult time getting aired out considering Milan is in a valley, and it’s made even worse when the climate is dry and warm, as it was this winter—an issue that will likely only intensify as climate change progresses. Milan wants to give money directly to those who commute to work bike, or “give them some other sustainable-mobility incentive,” Pierfrancesco Maran, Milan’s mobility councillor, told Fast Company.

France tested a similar program in 2014 that didn’t quite work. Out of the 8,000 participants, only around 400 people actually chose to bike to work rather than drive.


Source: air pollution – Fortune

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