Buses are choking the City

According to a recent report pollution from London’s buses are making the air worse.

Professor David Begg, former chairman of the Government’s Commission for Integrated Transport, found some routes were now “close to walking speed” as they pushed more toxic fumes into the air.

Harrison Ultralight

Image: Respro® UK

One of the worst routes averaged at just 4mph at peak times. Professor Begg said the main cause of the extra pollution was that worsening gridlock had caused bus fuel efficiency to drop by more than a third since the millennium.

He continued: “Stop-start conditions caused by congestion are a key factor (and) lower operating speeds are bad for pollution. Congestion dramatically increases carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. Under heavily congested conditions tailpipe emissions can be increased by a factor of three or four times.” *

Professor Begg’s report follows World Health Organisation findings that London is among the worst capitals in Europe for toxic air. London’s concentration of PM2.5 microgrammes per cubic metre is about a third higher than New York and Copenhagen and on a par with Athens.

The WHO said that PM2.5 – which contains pollutants such as sulfate, nitrates and black carbon – poses a grave risk to human health.

* source: The London Evening Standard

RESPRO® MD Harry Cole comments: Poor air quality is a serious concern for all who cycle, motorcycle or just walk in the busy streets of our major cities and towns. The negative effects of air pollution on health are significant and it would follow that those who are in close proximity to car exhaust fumes, gases and invisible sub-micron particles on a regular basis should take preventative measures were they can.

For the past twenty years Respro® have been at the forefront of developing masks to combat vehicle pollution. They are the leading brand in this market with a wide range of masks suitable for a variety of activities in the urban environment. As a British Company with local manufacture, they produce masks that combine function with comfort, practicality and style.

The Respro® Ultralight™ Mask is their latest summer offering. It uses air permeable materials for facial ventilation whilst the sub-micron particle filter, keeps out the un-wanted nasties. The Powa™ exhalation valves help with humidity control in the mask and filter. The Ultralight is available in 3 colours, Sand, Green and Black and two sizes L and M.

About Respro® UK Ltd

Respro® Masks: Cycle masks, motorcycle masks and allergy masks. External wear for internal protection.
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1 Response to Buses are choking the City

  1. Dave says:

    As a life-long runner I feel desperately sorry for city runners unless they can quickly get from home to nearby parkland.
    Exhaust fumes, not just from buses, even in country villages, are a very unpleasant health hazard.
    I have had to amend my favourite circuits to take in muddy fields simply to avoid the last couple of miles home alongside a ‘B’ road.

    Lines of traffic, including the cursed deisel vans and four-wheel drives as well as buses, leave you gasping. When I got home I could feel the effects of the fumes on my chest.
    I now have a Respro mask that does the job very well, but still prefer to avoid roads given the choice.

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