Air quality action plan for Kathmandu soon 

The government is preparing an action plan to tackle air pollution in Kathmandu Valley.

The Air Quality Management Action Plan for Kathmandu Valley is being finalised and will soon be launched, said Durga Prasad Dawadi, director general at the Department of Environment.

He added that the action plan was prepared after a series of discussions with environment experts and stakeholders.

“Experts and stakeholders from government and non-governmental agencies were invited for their contributions during the drafting of the action plan,” said Dawadi.

The action plan proposes an Integrated Urban Air Quality Management Framework to keep check on air quality of the Kathmandu Valley, a separate strategy on assessment of impact of air pollution on environment, health and economy, and recommendations for hospitals, industries and brick kilns to reduce waste and pollution.

Similarly, the Ministry of Health will set up a public health surveillance system to determine the impact of air pollution on public health in Kathmandu Valley.

Regular epidemiological studies will also be carried out with other international health agencies to observe the air pollution impact.

The action plan also proposes a strategy on development and evaluation of Clean Air Implementation Plan, which will be enforced by the proposed High Level Committee on Air Pollution.

“The action plan will have several short-term, mid-term and long-term plans to deal with the problem of air pollution in the Valley. The department has also formed a steering committee to provide feedbacks and suggestions,” Dawadi said.

Environmentalist Bhusan Tuladhar said that the action plan was fairly comprehensive, but its success will rely on its implementation.

“We have had some action plans in the past as well. Implementation of such action plans with institutional and financial backing is imperative for their success,” he said.


Source: Air quality action plan for Kathmandu soon – Capital – The Kathmandu Post

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