Red air pollution alert expands across northern Taiwan

Taipei CityBy Wednesday evening, parts of Taipei City and New Taipei City were also covered by an expanding red pollution alert, meaning the air quality would affect all parts of the population, the Environmental Protection Administration said.

On a warm day which saw temperatures rise to 30 degrees Celsius, initially it was the southern part of Taiwan which suffered the most, as winds from the east were held back by the central mountain range and were unable to disperse pollution in the area.

However, by the early evening, air pollution also reached high levels in Central and Northern Taiwan, reaching the capital, the Central News Agency reported.

Measuring stations all along the west coast of the island recorded red levels, indicating the pollution might affect the health of all residents, not just the elderly, children and patients.

During the evening, parts of Taipei City such as the districts of Wanhua and Datong, and areas in New Taipei City including Banqiao, Linkou, Tucheng, and Yonghe, also recorded red alerts, cable station TVBS reported.

The weather forecast for Thursday could bring relief, as temperatures in the north were expected to drop by about 10 degrees with the wind changing from easterly to northeasterly, reports said.

via Red air pollution alert expands across northern Taiwan | Taiwan News

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