Salt Particles From Afghanistan Are Causing Severe Air Pollution In Delhi, And It’s Gonna Stay

The pollution is Delhi is touching an all-time high because of Afghanistan and there is a scientific research to support this argument. According to a new study, air-borne particles from the salt mines of Afghanistan are pushing up the levels of air pollutants in Delhi.

At first, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) team had thought that the wind might be carrying sea salt from either the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. Subsequently, the source of the pollutants was traced to Afghanistan.

A study by the CPCB scientists, including its air laboratory chief Dipankar Saha, has found that about 11 per cent of PM2.5 in Delhi are salt particles.

However, since the study was undertaken during the winter months, the scientists ruled out the possibility of the particles being carried from the sea as the wind direction was generally from the north or north-west during this period.

The scientists also found the presence of metals such as chromium and copper in the city’s air, which Saha said were being emitted by the electroplating industries in Haryana.

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