Brussels imposes €350 fine on dirtiest diesels

Drivers of the most polluting diesel vehicles can now be fined in Brussels after a grace period expired on Sunday (30 September), just as air pollution in the Belgian capital looks ready to heavily influence local elections.

Anyone driving diesel Euro 0 and Euro 1 cars, vans, buses and minibuses in the Brussels Region can now be hit with a €350 fine, thanks to legislation that fully comes into force on 1 September.

Legislation on the EU capital’s low-emission zone (LEZ) actually became law at the very beginning of the year but a nine-month-long transition period was granted, so that motorists could adapt in time.

But now there are no excuses and offenders can be fined every time they are caught in the LEZ in an illegal vehicle. The local government has, however, decided to grant a new grace period of three months after every infraction.

A statement on a dedicated website for the new scheme explained that it will “allow people to make arrangements to change their vehicle or change their driving habits”. A maximum of four fines can be levied within one year though.

Motorists will be monitored by a network of over 180 licence-plate-scanning cameras that are being set up in the region. Ninety are already operational and the government expects the system to be fully set up by the end of the year.

Rules for petrol cars are expected to come into force at the beginning of next year.

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